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I have an update to that last one which runs much faster and uses only one program. also it uses xLib or Celtic III
there is also a change to the input:
it doesn't need a second y coordinate because it only let's you input on one line
EDIT: oh yeah I just remembered, to enter a space press [clear] or [VAR]. I haven't made you able to use 0 yet.
EDIT2: I just made a little demo of prgmZIN, so try it out. The string you input will become the new window name ^^,

hmm, I'll check it out, and here is the input program, it requires you to input into L1 some stuff: {1,x1,y1,x2,y2} so enter that into L1 make sure you have xLib installed and then run prgmZIN. it's a bit slow still, but I'll fix that soon.
EDIT: wow, the main edit window looks pretty cool!

I'll take a look once I get home, and I also was working on a small lib for writing directly to the Graph screen, it works with my text wrapper program, I'll upload it soon so you can take a look if you want. it's a little bit slow because it writes everything to the screen after every key press. I'll fix that soon.
EDIT: maybe you should make a topic about this here instead of using this topic

I mean, could you make it so that you enter the name directly to the graph-screen instead of the homescreen? It would make it seem more DCS style.
(if you still don't get it, open DCS6 and rightclick on a program, then select the copy option, look at the text input, that is what I mean)

EDIT: by the way, I was looking at the program and, wow, that was amazing, How did you do the scroll bar?

EDIT: Updated it with a slightly better version...
wow, I love the new GUI screen, quick question though, how hard would it be to make that completely on the graph screen?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cool online games
« on: April 11, 2009, 02:37:11 pm »
ugh, I'd rather play WoW then play RS, which is highly unlikely. I don't know how anybody can get addicted to it
anyways, I've found a really fun online game to play here
it's almost got me addicted

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