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TI-Nspire / nPuzzleFrenzy for Nspire
« on: June 12, 2013, 08:13:54 am »
Hey Guys,

If you wanted to play Puzzle Frenzy on your Nspire I guess you could emulate the TI-83+ ( with Puzzle Frenzy.  That aside; I cloned the game!

Some changes (besides color for you CX users) are:
- Animating the swapping of tiles as well as the falling of the tiles.
- Updated tile images (but can enable the original "retro" look)
- Has undo/redo a move
- Keeps track of how long it takes you to beat a level
- Supports external level files (just a sample level is included)

It has all 60 levels from the TI-83+.  Unlike the TI-83+ version you can start any level without a password and I didn't add a endless mode.

Let me know what you think!  The big question I have is I display the move limit in an animating way before you start each level and I am debating whether to keep that or not.  So give it a try!  All source is included.  And have fun!

TI-Nspire / nHitori for Nspire
« on: May 20, 2013, 08:30:46 am »
Hey Guys,

I am very excited you show the latest project I have been working on!

It is the logic game called Hitori (  I attached a little walkthrough to help you understand how to play because the game is more fun when you understand the rules. :)  This isn't a guessing game so it will help you to play by analyzing the board; this will help you in the bigger and harder levels.

This game comes with 100 levels (and solutions) built in.  Also when you beat a level you'll have a star next to the level name.  So try to beat all the levels.

There is undo/redo so you can go back (and forth) many moves.

This program registers the .hitori extension for external level files.  So in addition to the 100 levels; I included some extra external levels should you want to play some more levels!

It should be just about finished; so let me what you think!  I included all my source code as well!  I tested this with a TI-Nspire Touchpad and made it look/play alright on that device.  Though the Nspire CX's color screen is nice; it should play well on any Nspire.

Have a wonderful day!

TI-Nspire / nFalldown for NSpire
« on: May 03, 2013, 05:02:39 pm »
Hey Guys,

I had a tad amount of time and decided to see if I could make Falldown for the NSpire!  I always liked playing that on the other calculators and since the NSpire didn't have one; I created one!

I currently have an embarrassing bug where sometimes the ball can go through the line!  I'll see if I can find and fix that one!

This had only been tried on the NSpire CX CAS.  Testing on the various calculators is one thing I certainly need to do more of!

But here it is such that you can play it over the weekend!  Let me know what you think!

I wasn't thinking of working on this one for too long; mainly because I want to get to some really fun games! :)  There are so many cool ideas with Falldown such as power-ups and breaking away lines and much more; but I think I'll keep it simple.  I might add ability to choose difficulty when starting out for beginners to this game!  I included all my sources if somebody ever wanted to add to it!

Well I hope you like it!

TI-Nspire / nTornado21 for NSpire
« on: April 28, 2013, 11:32:29 pm »
Hey Guys,

I've been working on creating a card game for the TI-NSpire!  It is based on the Yahoo Games's game ( of the same name.  I've added in the subtle rules found from a fanpage:

If you are up for it, give it a try!  All source is also included as well!  For the most-part the game is rather simple; as you just choose a column to play your card.  But there are ways to get more points (Gold cards, bonuses) and as such the game has a far amount to it!

So far I only tested in on the TI-NSpire CX CAS; but I'll test on another calculator or two and make sure it looks alright!

I got a few code loose ends.  I am tempted to add an animation of the card moving to the column (as well as animate off the screen when the column is completed) if it is necessary.  I might add a small history like the Yahoo Game version too.  Also I did run into a case where I got a Joker card by completing a column which caused more Jokers over and over; which might be on purpose but I might still do something about it!

Well I hope you like it!  Let me know what you think!

Calculator C / HighScoreLib for NSpire
« on: April 26, 2013, 07:12:40 pm »
Hi Guys,

Some of my favorite calculator games have highscore tables!  My next calculator game will have a highscore table! :)  If you are programming a game and wanted a highscore table you could create one; they are not difficult to program.  But it would take some time; and probably some bugs to fix along the way.

I figured I'd write it once in a simple, neat, sharable way such that myself and others could use it!  All source is included such that you can make any modifications you'd like!  It is written in C.  And hopefully it is able to meet all of your highscore needs!

It is in the form of a static library (meaning you compile it in with your program).  There is even a little nspirio program to test it.  I added unit tests which tests that the functionality does work as intended so hopefully there shouldn't be any problems!

The initial concept was simple; it is a table of scores and names.  Thinking a little more I figured somebody might want to make a game with difficulties such as "easy", "medium", "hard" and keep highscores for each difficulty.  I used the term identifier; and this library can do that! :)

I used a singly linked-list for the highscore items and there is a way to add extra data should you want to keep more than a name and score.  There is some usage information in the Readme file in the zip attachment.  But just let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for reading!
Enjoy your day!

TI-Nspire / Anagramarama
« on: March 07, 2013, 06:57:07 pm »
Hey Guys,

I followed the nSDL porting tips ( on a SDL game and would like to show you where I am at!

The game I ported is called Anagramarama (

So without further delay the download link to the source and binary files:

Here are some screenshots:

In the zip file download link above; just copy the .tns files in the bin directory to the same folder on your calculator.  Holler if you have any questions/concerns!

To start run nAnagram-sdl; it should start up within a second or two!  Type the letters in the order the word is in and hit [enter] to submit the word.  You can shuffle the available letters by pressing the [space] key!  If the word isn't recognized it remains in the guess area.  If it is recognized it is added to the answers.  But because of the limited screen size on the calculator only 20 answer box areas are drawn.  To clear the guess word press the [del] key.  To see the answers press the [tab] key.  And to get a new puzzle click the [plus] key.  And try to have fun!

To me this was more of a debugging exercise than a programming one!  Various C functions like fscanf, snprintf, strdup, etc had to be replaced since I could only use the function calls listed on this page:

It was a fun experience!

I plan on just doing just a tad more with this game.  I plan on fixing a few display issues, add in mouse support (such that you can click to play), and handling for if you don't copy over all files to the same directory.  But give it a try and let me know what you think.  All sources are included such that you can do whatever you'd like with it! :)

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