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Lua / Stopwatch - Lua Timer Accuracy
« on: December 11, 2011, 01:43:46 pm »
Recently, I have been trying to build a stopwatch for Nspire with Lua. However, when run, it obviously slows down. My program used a timer with 0.1 seconds, but I changed it so it had a timer with 0.09 seconds. That was still a bit slow, but 0.08 seconds is a bit too fast. The timer can't do anything with less than 0.01 as experimentation and the Inspired Lua wiki have shown.

Is there any way the timer could be fixed so it is more accurate? Or is there another way to do this?

P.S. My program uses tenths of a second, not hundredths or thousandths.

Introduce Yourself! / Hello World
« on: December 06, 2011, 09:01:41 pm »
Hello, My name is cyanophycean314 and I know Python, a bit of HTML and JavaScript. I own a TI-84+SE and a Nspire CX CAS. I know some TI-BASIC for 84, but cannot get a working program started on the Nspire. I think I want to learn Lua and possibly Axe. The only Pokemon game I have beaten is Pokemon Yellow and I really want to beat a Legend of Zelda game. If ndless 3 comes out soon I'm sure that's possible.  :)

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