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TI Z80 / [AXE] input routine.
« on: February 10, 2013, 11:59:51 am »
I making one routine for the axe programmor wich simul the "input" in basic, i explain :

in your programme you make this :
sub(DEM,X,Y,lenght,number1-3) where X,Y is the coordinate of the input rectangle, lenght is the lenght of the input rectangle and the number is 1:for input numbers 2:for input letters 3:for liste input
i'll add news input after.

the routine (sub(DEM...) return the number or the letter after it ":return"

one screen :

whar do you think about it ?

TI Z80 / [AXE] cars
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:03:40 am »
This is a game that I had made for the contest espace TI (i had the first place ), the goal is simple, cross the road without touching the building if you go back and you lose as soon as you arrive in front of the screen.

download the here

let me know your comments ...

TI Z80 / [AXE] packjeux 1 and 2
« on: January 13, 2013, 09:42:57 am »
After a huge programming work I published two game pack that I have done since my debut, some are better than others but all the games were programmed by me and me alone even if some are like one with already existing games ....

-download packjeux 1 here

This is a pack of 5 games relatively simple:
-Brick: you must stack the bricks ...
tunnel: the famous game tunnel iphone ...
-horse: a set of puzzles or horse must do all of the chessboard squares
-snake: a snake grayscale
-numbers: one broken head or must align all the numbers in the correct order


-download packjeux 2 here

This is the second edition of the games pack 1, with 4 new games:

-troglodite: move the brick to place them properly and get to the next level
-lights: puzzles where you must turn on and turn off all the light
-smiley: Shoot the smiley and made a point max
-Falldown, a ball falls you point in the right hole.

faite moi part de vos commentaire...

TI Z80 / [AXE]News Rpg game
« on: January 09, 2013, 12:19:43 pm »
Bonjour a tous, comme j'avais un peu de temps j'en ai profitee (eh oui toujours pas d'accents sur mon clavier ) pour mettre en ligne officiellement le jeu que j'avais fait pour le concours espace TI de noel ;)

Vous pouvez le telecharger Ici

Et enfin un petit screen pour vous faire une petite demo ;)

Dites moi ce que vous en pensez et surtout si vous rencontrez des bugs quel qu'il soient.


Hi everyone, since I had some time on my hands, I used it to officially upload  the game I made for the Christmas contest of espace TI.

You  can download it here

And now a screenie to give you a little demo.

Could you please be kind enough to tell me what you think of it, and especially tell me about bugs you may encounter.

thanks to nick for this traduce

Art / sprite
« on: November 18, 2012, 09:27:24 am »
Hello, I'd like two sprite :) and I'm not good at drawing ^ ^

-a personne 16-height and width of 8 three-gray level
-16-a tree of height and width of 8 four grayscale :)

if you could help me thank you in advance :)

Introduce Yourself! / HI :)
« on: November 07, 2012, 06:19:07 am »
good and if everyone present I do the same, I go in omnimaga for learn english :)

I'm nikitouzz I'm 17, I'm terminal S with correct note, and all the crap

my other username on other sites may be: sachiix69, sachiix1, STSf

without wanting to brag, my knowledge in many exellent field effects in my main passion is to acquire as much knowledge as possible, so I do not have a passion for TI, but a dozen small of passion in which I'm quite active list my passion in order of importance and time PASSEX above is:

-Rubik's cube <3 and also any type of breakage head
-Beatbox, guitar, piano, flute, accordion, tuba, vocals ... music
-TI including the axe
-Dance, electro-dance, shuffle, jump...
-Math: D
-electronics and Computer

regarding the rubik's cube, since it is my main passion, I am a regular 1 hour 2 hours every day and my record are:

2x2x2: 2.18 seconds / hand 2x2x2: 21.15 seconds / 2x2x2 Blindfolded: 47.59
3x3x3: 5.97 seconds / hand 3x3x3: 49.86 seconds
4x4x4: 1.49 minutes / 4x4x4 hand: 6.50 minutes
5x5x5: 4.10 minutes / 5x5x5 hand: 18.02 minutes
6x6x6: 8.10 minutes
7x7x7: 16.03 minutes
9x9x9: 58.26 minutes

3x3x1: 0.73secondes / 3x3x2: 30.55secondes / 3x3x3: 5.97secondes / 3x3x4: 1.09minutes / 3x3x5: 1.46minutes / 3x3x6: 2.06minutes

Megaminx: 5.59 minutes / Pyraminx: 7.91 seconds / square-one: 1.07

I owns over a hundred different, and I found the solutions for 98% myself, sometimes faster than the fastest internet solutions: D, I make my own as rubik's cube

regarding programming on IT (I pass the music), I have all a gaggle of all useful calculator (,,, 83 +, 84 +, V200, nspire ClickPad, nspire case cx ... and soon a 92 + by the time I find one ...

I fluently axe I set a lot of games thus present on TI-planet I also speak relatively well basicz80 nspire basic as well as the basic 68k.

I have many many projects at the moment .....

And I make a 3D hame raycasting : :)

talking now about my nickname, sachiix just my first nickname dancer quickly abandoned and 69 from my region
nikitouzz when the nickname is my current nickname dancer which means I do not know what in Russian
when a STSf bah I will not say anything (no spoilers please for those who see what I mean)

I prefer not use Google translate, because I want learn english :)

Axe / raycasting texture
« on: October 04, 2012, 03:54:15 pm »
Hi , I made a game with use the raycasting :) i would make a texture, but my texture bug completely ^^ (I'm french)

I have this sprite :
[AA55AA55AA55AA55]->pico and i would extract the line corresponding at the modulo of the position of the ray between 0 and 7 :)

and how drawn a line from different size ? my solutions is extremely big and very not fast....

thank's :)


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the textur function ;) and I make a little floorcasting ^^ ( it is not a right floorcasting ^^)

EDIT : the game run at full with a little pause ^^ it's very not fast ^^

Art / raycasting tile
« on: October 04, 2012, 02:20:52 pm »
*sorry i'm french and my english is very bad*

I made ​​a game using the raycasting I fully programmed with the enormously difficulter and texture bug completely ....

I want a tile for a gun or hands holding a pistol in black and white if You to make me one :)

thank's :)


The Axe Parser Project / the data in axe...
« on: September 19, 2012, 12:34:13 pm »
voila, every time I put the data in a program I can not change ... theoretically we could with the command

but it does not work or it does bugger all changes or when its bad data ...

how to remedy it?


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