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DJ Omnimaga:
I wonder what could be the final name for the final version of this game?

Many people at Omnimaga knows Project M as Mario, but when project M arrives in ticalc archive, people might miss out because Mario won't be in the title and people search for popular game names first (unfortunately for many other games).

Since the game incorporates some SMW elements but is still not a SMW port, my idea would be Super Mario World 0 or Super Mario World Z80

This raises an interesting point.  I vote for the program to be called "Project M" on calc, but on Ticalc, I think it could be "Super Mario World Z80: Project M".   On a side note, could some confuse "Project M" with Metroid?

project mario instead of project m? it would be less confusable.

DJ Omnimaga:
My issue is that if we keep the word "Project" in the name, we should try to make sure it won't sound like a work in progress. Most people who see "Project Mario" will say "oh, another unfinished demo? forget it", and not everyone at ticalc visits Omnimaga or even know it exists at all. It's best to make sure the title won't sound like 1: a project demo, 2: another crappy mario clone.

How about "Project M - Not Another Unfinished Demo" :P Jk.

Seriously though I would probably say something like Super Mario: Calc Edition would be cool. I'm not sure though.


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