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post program plz?


Can you just post the program as a demo?
That would be cool thx : :D

@calc84maniac If the source code isn't long lost, I'm sure the community would appreciate its release. There's no doubt this project is dead at this point. I personally would like to see it no matter what state it is in. Same with F-Zero.

I'll seriously consider it. Might put it up on GitHub under GPL or something once I have the time to look over it again and figure out which files I'd need to upload (and also make sure it's in a working state).

But for now, TI-Boy CE takes precedence over any other calculator-related things until I can put out its first release.

That would be great if you could release what you've worked on. I've always hoped that a better mario than Sam Heald's would come to completion, and this would definitely trump it, especially with a level editor. Ive watched annoyingcalc's progress on his mario 84 start and stop. Seeing games like these inspire me to get back into programming.


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