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DJ Omnimaga:
Are you still planning to work on it? ??? I was kinda scared on IRC a few weeks ago when you didn't seem to rule out stopping calculator programming completely or quitting a bunch of your projects like this one and F-Zero O.O

Well, I actually said that if I did quit, I would release the source. That is, I won't just disappear without a trace like a lot of people do.

DJ Omnimaga:
Oh ok, but it seemed like you were contemplating quitting ???

Just for clarification, this is the log you're talking about from March 8:

--- Quote ---[21:09:47] <+OmnomIRC> (O)* DJ_O is curious what is calc84maniac working on lately
[21:10:08] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> and lol on the OS 3.2 vid on Youtube
[21:10:13] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<hellninjas> umm
[21:10:14] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<Juju> lol
[21:10:19] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<hellninjas> how do I RUN a Lua file?
[21:10:21] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> which focuses on the new math stuff
[21:10:31] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> my first comment was the crysis joke
[21:11:39] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<hellninjas> *silence*
[21:11:52] <+OmnomIRC> (O)* hellninjas stands alone at the bar across the street
[21:12:05] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<calc84maniac> unfortunately, I'm not really working on projects at the moment :/
[21:12:17] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> calc84maniac D:
[21:12:23] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> are you planning to resume some tho?
[21:12:38] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<calc84maniac> I suppose
[21:12:52] <+OmnomIRC> (O)* DJ_O hopes calc84maniac isnt done with calcs, f-zero, project M, etc x.x
[21:13:04] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<DJ_O> are you planning to release the source if you decide to drop them?
[21:13:22] <+OmnomIRC> (O)<calc84maniac> yeah, I probably would
--- End quote ---

I wasn't working on projects at that time, but I did work on TI-Boy some since then.

DJ Omnimaga:
Ah ojk I see now. It was probably because I misinterpreted the last comment due to the "I suppose" part.


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