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The articles section of Omnimaga contains an article that was copied from a topic that I wrote:;article=84 (copied from

However, the article is rather out of date. It doesn't include important changes to the wording that were made in 2015, and the embedded Photobucket images that I was using aren't working anymore. How can I edit the article to bring it up to date with the topic? (I just get the message "You can not edit articles." when I press the edit button.) Or alternatively, can someone edit it for me?

It looks like you have an edit on it today, did you figure it out? Also, you could add a new post saying the original post was updated if/when you update it.

I've edited the topic without problems, but I wasn't able to edit the article.

Ah, didn't realize the links led different places. I can't even view the article. I get a message saying:

--- Quote ---You can not view the articles page.
--- End quote ---

Maybe @Sorunome @Eeems or @Geekboy1011  can take a look at it?

Articles are just a read only archive at the moment and we haven't made a decision on if we want to make them editable.
@JosJuice could you raise an issue on Bitbucket and we can figure out how we want to manage this.


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