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Explanation of why the Randomness section can vanish from time to time

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DJ Omnimaga:
In order to encourage calculator and constructive discussions on the forums, the Randomness section goes offline shortly after it reaches at least 10% of the entire board post count or 13% with the introduction section included. Afterward it remains offline for the next two weeks after it went back under 10% alone and 13% with the intro section included. The intro section remains unnafected.

So if this forum section suddently vanishes every now and then, you now know why. :P

This is to prevent episodes like what happened on the old Invisionfree board, where during some periods of the year, about 90% of the entire board activity was in randomness at the expense of real discussion and projects.

lolwut. That's just weird. D:

DJ Omnimaga:
Yeah this is to prevent Randomness from having like 50% of the entire board activity, like what happened on the old Invisionfree forums. Otherwise it sucks because then Omnimaga is seen as a spam site. :/

Btw right now it's at 9.61% and 12.62% with intro included.

Oh and this is also to prevent having members with like 999 posts in Randomness and 1 outside it. :P

It makes sense, though.  If people are focusing too much on what doesn't get much done, what good does that do for the forum in the end?

DJ Omnimaga:
Yeah this is my concern. Last Summer this went close from happening. One day about 50% of the active topics in the New Posts section were in Randomness. Today if this happens it makes the new posts section hard to browse. X.x

On the old board I closed the Randomness section for an entire Summer once to encourage relevant discussion. X.x


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