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DJ Omnimaga:
There are loads of numbers in the forum stats page so I thought I would generate a graph of our daily post stats just for fun so you can see how our activity evolved over time. :D This was done by pasting all stats in Open Office then re-opening the saved cellsheet in Gnumeric. A few notes:

-The blue line with the red dots represents the daily posting stats, the black line is a 7 day moving average and the pink one is a 30 day moving average.

-Stats until Early 2008 are messed up because most of them are missing, so the rest is based on the monthly average.

-As you can notice, it seems that the recent arrival of many new TI-Nspire and Casio programmers have bumped the daily post count back in the high 300s, close to 400. ^^

Whoa, what caused the spike in 2007?

DJ Omnimaga:
Blame Netham45 and Tenniskid493. :P (Note, about 600 of these posts were made in two hours)

hooray come 2011 we can be as fast as spammers.

DJ Omnimaga:
As long as we don't just spam. :P That giant spike in 2007 was only in the "Last post of the year" thread. Netham45 and Tk493 both happened to be two timezones behind the board time, though, so the stats showed 600+- posts on Jan 1st 2007 instead of Dec 31st 2006.


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