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DJ Omnimaga:
Unfortunately, after Texas Instruments has sent a cease & desist letter to TI-BANK for providing downloads of TI's copyrighted TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS OS (specifically the OS 1.1.9253 TNO and TNC files, required by Ndless), we are no longer allowed to provide any download of them either. Same goes for other TI websites, else, we will get in trouble. This includes providing links via private messenger systems. In other words, it is against our rules to provide links to the OS 1.1.9253 (or 1.1) TNO and TNC files and to not take any chance, we are not going to provide any to more recent OSes either. We understand that Ndless requires 1.1.x on your TI-Nspire to be installed, but we do not want to get in trouble either. In the worst cases, providing links to those files could make Texas Instruments send a DMCA notice directly to my web hosting, then could shut down Omnimaga altogether.

So we ask members to:

1) Not ask for copies of OS 1.1.9253 TNO and TNC files on the forums in public or via PM. In other words, such links/files must not appear in our MySQL database.

2) Not provide links to copies of those files, either in public or PM, unless they are directly hosted somewhere on TI website (which I doubt). Either tell the member who requests them to search for them himself or find a different way to provide him the links.


A) Google is your friend, but it appears to easily filter that content. You may have some luck if you spend enough effort searching for the files. Be wise when trying to figure out the OS file names.

B) There are less legal places to find the OSes, which people cannot link to here, but if you know any, use those if Google fails for you.

C) Ndless is eventually going to come out for OS 2.0.x, so if you are patient, you can instead wait for this to happen.

All links to the official TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS OSes/ROM images, unless coming directly from somewhere hidden on Texas Instruments website, will be deleted, and the topic requests will be locked.

Thanks to TI acting retarded instead of allowing the TI community to increase TI-Nspire sales with ASM dev, the redistribution of their old OSes on Omnimaga now falls under Rule #5 of our site.

Thank you for understanding.

Oh well. Is there a development forum somewhere for Ndless's development? They don't appear to have their own site.

UTI is passing the situation...

There are a lot of persons in the community that have those things.
I like to collect these kind of files. It is simply lovely. So if you are looking for something unusual, try to PM me. I found in so strange places that if I didn't noted the link, I would have serious trouble finding again.

DJ Omnimaga:
keep in mind you cannot share the files via PM, though. This needs to be done in different ways, preferably not on another TI forum either.

Most Nspire talk is done on UTI forums, and in french on yAronet and TI-BANK, but it has been quiet lately to make sure TI won't use the info from the devs to patch the exploits they found.

There's always email....

Hehe, I stole all but one of your trophies DJ


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