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Hey all you BASIC programmers out there (and occasional Axer)! I have something that YOU might like. You know those amazing little creatures? Those hex opcodes? Well guess what?! I've got em :D

Here is a small PDF that I have been working on that has a mild sample of about 40 hex opcodes. If anybody has cool suggestions, lemme know and I'll see what I can conjure up!

Deep Toaster:
Whoa, that sure beats :w00t:

Awesome work, as always. You should update that page too ^

I have been :D I optimised a few codes on that page and you will see my posts littered all over TIBD with random hex codes :D

There are some of Zeda's (aka Thunderbolt) Hex Codes already there. :)  Nice pdf. ;D

Thankee! Yeah, I now have that document uploaded on UTI, TIBD, TICalc, and here. Whenever somebody asks for an opcode, I plan to add it to that document. I still need to add CopyProg...


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