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  1. Reluctant Quadratic Solver Competition
  2. can you make make the ti nspire cx cas choose a number from a list?
  3. copy the nspire cx rom to my pc?
  4. is there a way to delete a program on ti nspire cx cas?
  5. deleting glitch
  6. cx cas os 3.2 vs 3.6???
  7. MOVED: WabbitEmu doesnt work! Need help!
  8. Perhaps the simplest backup method yet
  9. TI-Nspire Bricked
  10. nLaunch on OS 3.6?
  11. Upgrade TI -83 Plus to TI 84
  12. Help with the teacher software
  13. I want to create an E-book reader for my CX CAS but I dont know where to start