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  18. Is it possible to run a TI-84+ OS on a TI-84+CSE?
  19. Flash apps for TI-89 series
  20. TI Calculators
  21. MOVED: Ti83+ Program help.
  22. TI-nSpire nOverclocking problem
  23. How do I compile other versions on nlaunchy?
  24. Khicas fails to load luac on Ti- Nspire Touchpad.
  25. Is it possible to convert a TNS document back to its LUA form?
  26. My Nspire CX OS is 4.4.0. Is there a way I can downgrade it to 4.3 or lower?
  27. I want to draw on my Nspire CX. Is there an app for it?
  28. USB mouse on TI-Nspire CX?
  29. I am the first person to get 4.4 cas to work on non cas! Available now on GitHub
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  32. downgrade from 4.0.3 to 3.9 or lower
  33. MOVED: Trying to use nPDF in 4.3
  34. CEmu - A CE Emulator
  35. need help to getting NSnandmgr boot mode to change to boot 2 diag
  36. TI NSPIRE CX CAS Restriction help
  37. Ndless TI-Nspire CX Help
  38. TI Nspire updating problem
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  46. [survey] Concerning TI-Concours 2016
  47. c4ooo's Useless but cool programs. [ti-basic] [axe]
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  50. ti 85 + PC