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Having trouble with TIBOY on my TI-84+CSE

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ive done everything in this video, installed it even, but when I go to play it it just says "cartridge not supported, sorry for the inconvenience". Is there something im doing wrong? I've tried Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Contra Alien Wars so far if that means anything

I couldn't watch the entire video, too annoying. There should be a readme file included with TI-BOY CSE that has instructions on what you need to do to get it up and running. I'd recommend following that instead of some random Youtube video. Off the top of my head... make sure you have the version specifically for the CSE, and keep in mind only original Game boy games will work.

did everything the readme said, and im sure i have the one for the 84+CSE. is there a specific place i should be downloading the roms? The furthest ive gotten is having the outside the box programming screen shrink and then freeze


--- Quote from: donkulees on October 06, 2017, 10:41:41 am ---Is there a specific place i should be downloading the roms?

--- End quote ---
No, you should be ripping the ROMs from your own cartridges ;)
A quick google for "Cartridge not supported gameboy" brought up this:
What size are the apps after you created them with makeapp? Are you making the app with the rom file or a zip file containing the rom?

turns out i was dragging the whole zip file into it  :-[ thank you it works now


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