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I need help sending files with TI-Connect


I can't transfer files to my TI84+SE or my TI89 with the TI SendTo application as part of TI-Connect. When I press Select Device, my calculator shows up under "USB 1". At this screen, no matter what button I press, the program freezes. The Refresh, Select, and Cancel buttons all cause the program to stop responding. I have to kill the process with command prompt every time because the program is locked up.  :banghead:

I am on a Windows 10 laptop, and my TI-Connect version is The cable I am using is a silver link cable I just purchased. I don't think the cable is causing the problem because the problem persisted beforehand and the program still freezes without the cable plugged in.

I have tried the fix method detailed here:, as well as countless reboots and reinstallations. TiLP didn't work, it gives me some error about the cable not being initialized on start. I have also tried running it in compatibility mode (Windows XP Service Pack 3).

The Device Explorer seems to work fine because it skips the "Select Your Device" prompt. When it doesn't skip the prompt, the program freezes but works when I force kill and relaunch it. I do not know why Device Explorer's Select Your Device prompt works but SendTo's doesn't work.

Does anyone have ideas about how I can get it to work? Thanks!

For your TI 84, use TI connect CE instead. It’s a heck of a lot easier to use and more stable than old TI connect. It won’t work with your TI 89 however.
Have you tried using a different cable or different computer? That can help narrow down what's giving issues.


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