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Is it possible to run a TI-84+ OS on a TI-84+CSE?

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--- Quote from: dreamdragon on January 16, 2014, 08:21:35 am ---
--- Quote from: ben_g on January 15, 2014, 10:22:02 am ---A virtual machine can only emulate devices with lower specs than the machine you run it on. The ti-84+CSE has the same specs as the 84+ (apart from the larger archieve), so it won't be able to run the normal 84+ OS.

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A mac os running on your windows compuer would actually be running on higher specs....not lower specs(especially if the pc is for windows xp) >:(

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Sorry if I drift off-topic a bit, but I seem to have an English misunderstanding. Aren't dreamdragon and ben_g saying the same thing, like "emulating is a high resource device emulating a lower resource" ? If so, why do I have the impression dreamdragon is contradicting ben_g ?
Note: this might just be all me not understanding things.

Lunar Fire:
This looks to me like a "Mac is better than PC" argument, which is not contributing to the topic at all. Thing is we are talking about hardware specs and not software. You can have a 64-bit Windows 8 running in a 32-bit Windows 2000 environment, as long as your computer supports Intel VT-x, which it will support if it is fairly recent.

And even in terms of hardware it is not as simple. You CAN have a virtual machine with more disk space and RAM than the host. Of course you have to swap part of the memory to the hard drive (Swap file) and you need to use a non-preallocated disk space, but it is possible. However this comes at the expense of execution speed.

But as a rule of thumb, yes, your host your should have better hardware specs than your guest.

(This being said, I am going to install Win2k on a computer and install Win8 with more RAM and Disk Space than the host, just to see the drop in performance this would do)

okay FINE. x.x
no emulate!  <_<
my original question was this:
can i run a ti84 os on a ti84 +c se directly? :hyper:

[can someone please scratch my back?!?!?]

Yes, you can. However, the LCD driver is completely different so you would only see garbage.


--- Quote from: Xeda112358 on January 16, 2014, 05:18:22 pm ---Yes, you can. However, the LCD driver is completely different so you would only see garbage.

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garbage  indeed...
until some smart guy(or girl) comes along and masters the art of the display! ;D :hyper: *.*


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