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I know forums like these seem to despise suggestion or "do it for me" posts, but I feel like there should be a place to put suggestions for (hopefully) relatively easy ports of things to ndless. (I could probably do these if i had a system better than galliumos on 4GB RAM and ~15GB usable space)

So, here are some of my ideas:

* skifree (written in c, shouldn't be too hard at all)
* qb64 (not so sure about this one, compiles things into C++, but would love to see it work)
* dosbox (it was sort of dismissed as too slow a while back, but could use qbasic :P)
* not really a program, but could someone just put the necessary files for linux on nspire into a .zip with concise instructions please?

feel free to add your own ideas to this list and discuss whether mine would work! ^_^

also, please nobody mention ti-basic as an alternative to qbasic or qb64 >.<

Edit (Eeems): Merged double post

I think suggestion threads are fine. Also, a game isn't too complex, Lua is an option.

Well, skifree has already been ported onto a ti platform.
It's not the nspire, but it proves that porting that game to a calculator is entirely possible. :)


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