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Need Help With a Possible Bricked TI-84+CSE


I recently got a (pre-owned) TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition, and it worked just fine for the next two days. Then, I thought it would be cool to install an alternate os that has more tools, so I looked into KnightOS. I got the correct os file for my specific calculator and uploaded the file, but it failed somewhere in the middle (i was not in the room when it failed). I decided to re-upload the old os, so I got the old os file from TI-Planet, and plugged my calculator into the computer, but it didn't recognize it. I tried 3 different mini-usb cables, I tried removing the battery for a while to drain it, and I tried a bunch of key+reset button combos, but none of it worked. When I turn it on, it says "Waiting... Please install operating system now," and when I plug it into my computer, press on, or wait about 1 minute, it says "ERROR! Press any key to turn unit OFF. Then turn unit back ON." I press a button, and the calculator turns off, and when I turn it back on, it just says "Waiting..." again, like nothing ever happened. All the while it is unrecognized by the TI-Connect CE Software, and the old TI-Connect software. I have suspicions of it being permanently bricked due to a corrupted os, but I have only dabbled in this kind of thing. The KnightOS file I used is attached to the post. Please help!

You'll need to start the process of sending the OS to your calc before you press ON. EDIT: In fact just don't press ON unless you are trying to turn off your calc.

Have you tried TiLP instead of TI Connect? Warning: I believe on Windows you can only have one installed at a time, they have drivers that interfere with each other.

Are you sure you have the right OS file, and not one for the monochrome calcs or CE? (CE is very different from CSE)

I can't send the OS to the calc before I press ON because no matter what I do, the calculator is not recognized by any connect software, and yes, I have tried TiLP, with no luck. I double-checked, and I did get the CSE os file and not the CE os file.


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