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Super CE Smash ideas?


So I intend to use ICE to make a very simplified version of Super Smash for the TI 84 CE. I am having a little trouble however knowing where to start or how I should structure it. If anybody would like to reply with some ideas on how they think I should structure it/what to avoid/any other tips for me, anything will be appreciated.

I suggest you make a good physics engine first. Don't even bother to make sprites. It can be easy to spend all your time making sprites and realize when you are done that you can't make the game. Black rectangles will do at first. Even if the graphics are perfect, the physics needs to feel at least somewhat realistic. I might even go so far as to get some video of Smash for analysis. (Any youtube video will work). How high do the characters jump? 2x their height? Having a video to base it off of helps. There is a version of Smash for the ti-83+ written in Axe.


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