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Title: nKenKen for NSpire
Post by: ajorians on December 28, 2017, 08:21:44 pm
Hey Guys,

I created the game of KenKen (also known as Calcudoku).  It currently has 250 levels to play!  It supports external levels too which is great if you find the levels it comes with to be too easy.  The 250 levels are rather easy in my opinion such that you shouldn't need a sheet of paper or anything.

One thing I kinda like about the program is I have a nifty little helper that tries to help you come up with the values for the cells.  So if you are playing a 5x5 level and have two cells and it says "9+"; the little helper will say "5+4" on the bottom (note it could be ordered 4 & 5 in the puzzle).  In the case of multiple possibilities it'll display several.  This can be useful for bigger numbers or to help beginners.  Take two cells that says "2/"; you might be thinking "4/2" but it might have slipped your mind "2/1".

I'm going to do a couple more things to the program but still let me know what you think!

Well I hope you like it! :)
Title: Re: nKenKen for NSpire
Post by: ajorians on January 01, 2018, 03:06:37 pm
Hey Guys,

I added the ability to do undo & redo with the minus and plus buttons.  I also updated the main graphic.  Hope you like it! :)