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Title: nTwoDigits for NSpire
Post by: ajorians on April 17, 2018, 09:09:28 am
Hey Guys!

I am finishing up a game for the TI-NSpire!  It is called nTwo digits.  The game is more like a word search than a puzzle game.  You see 9 spots with numbers on them.  You'll put some numbers into group A and some numbers into group B such that the values in A & B equal.  You don't use all of the numbers (at least in the included puzzles).

So if you see the screenshots below notice in the one level you can solve it with "1 & 22" for one group and "23" for the second group?  Being an easier level the numbers "19 & 11" and "30" also work.

The game comes with 250 levels and remembers which levels you have beat.  The game supports external levels as well.  I plan on making a few UI changes and adding support for undo/redo.

I attached the game and my source code.  It is all programmed in C using nSDL.  If interested I used CMake to build the project for the computer to do debugging and development.  But the real output is the NSpire.  So the computer version doesn't look as polished as the NSpire version.

Hope you like it! :)
Title: Re: nTwoDigits for NSpire
Post by: ajorians on July 10, 2018, 07:29:13 pm
Hey Guys!

I finished the game.  I made the changes I wanted to do (add undo/redo, additional labels, etc).  I made it playable on the non-CX versions of the TI-NSpire.  You can download it below.  All source is included.

Hope you like it! :)