Author Topic: *Idea* Link Cable Multiplayer Mortal Kombat/Smash Bros Style Fighting Game?  (Read 2708 times)

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I can't recall, it's been probably 5 years since I played it. I remember it being at least playable and fun, though. A background might get a bit confusing on the screen, heh.

As far as boot's question goes, you should be able to at least get a black and white version done. For linking, I'd say that HOMER's idea was decent.
with Axe's ability to utilize custom buffer other than 2 main buffers, it's quite possible to do greyscale background and characters with proper hit detection. :D
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if this was done in asm i know for a fact it would be possible with linking and gcn, even on axe it should be doable with some hackery to put it simply.

the main issue is the AI any AI would have to be based off a system where it will never go over a certain amount of cc's else the game will laggggg horribadly

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There will be no platforms, only flat ground like the original MK. As they say, "Keep It Simple, Stupid." It will be a themeless fighting game, no special or supernatural moves (like streetfighter) but diverse enough to have room for creative use of the moves, i.e. jump kicks, leg sweeps, epic dodges and parries. I will explain my idea for the movement engine tomorrow if I get the chance.
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This takes me back lol, still have a similar project lying around somewhere. Havent worked on it in years however :X.
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