Author Topic: Driller kNight (Again) (Monthly Updates)  (Read 2406 times)

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Driller kNight (Again) (Monthly Updates)
« on: May 01, 2018, 03:33:23 pm »
Hey, I'm still working on this game for some reason.

It has been a while and I haven't had much time to work on Driller kNight since I have been away at college but here is an update anyway.

I am planning to release updates to the game on the first of every month to help boost the site and to give myself a deadline to work toward. Since I have a limited time to test, there is a chance I missed some bug. I would be very suprised if the game crashes but you shouldn't leave important things in RAM anyway.

Some unrelated things about the size of the game:
To recompile the whole game takes over 6 minutes. The game is broken up into 8 seperate files and each takes anywhere from 90 seconds (the App) to 15 seconds (the file that creates the saves)
The file dedicated to holding constants and variable locations is over 6k

Spoiler For Changelog::

New Features:
The game can now be saved in the middle of a level. Be warned that the save file will be >10k and archived.
The player can now view some stats such as kills and loot collected
Added 1 new unit

The godmode and random level add-ons are no longer optional
Removed the intro scroll when the game first starts
The invert screen option no longer does anything although the user's preference is still saved
The game now requires 20k of free RAM to run (Was 16k before)

Opening / closing menus is now twice as fast
Rewrote the Refiner Ai to not be so over powered / RNG based
Rewrote the Clearer Ai not to get stuck if there was no rubble nearby
Units no longer sit still and wait to die if they have low health and are being attacked
Upgrade menu is easier to use and upgrade costs are now clearer
The framerate no longer drops by 10% for each repair node built
The game now runs ~15% faster in general
Fixed the game crashing when revealing very large caverns
Roads no longer appear unpowered for a second when a building or road is removed
As a result of the previous fix the game now crashes when more than 60 power plants are built. (I could fix this but I thought it was funny)
Various parts of the game have been moved around to begin working toward 83+ support
Large amounts of the game's internals have been gutted and reworked to make expansion much easier

Outstandng bugs:
I beleive that the game will crash if the user doesn't have the 10k-13k needed to create the save file but I haven't tested it.
If the game reveals a cavern over 2/3 the size of the largest map it will still crash (Up from crashing on caverns over 1/8 the size previously)
The user can save the game right before they finish a level, gain the stats from winning, load the save, finish it to gain the stats again, load the save...
On one of the last levels the game states that the user needs to build a Hover Refiner to win even thought the pre-level story clearly states that a Doom Platform is the object.

I would post some screenshots but very few of the visuals have changed.
I'm still around... kind of.