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First-Person Camera Test
« on: November 23, 2014, 09:59:24 pm »
I have been working on a sort of first-person camera. I've got the camera rotating down, where it rotates in place, displaying two differently-colored boxes. The rendering engine is modular, meaning just edit the line with {numbers->L1 to add more objects. The format is really easy, just the x-values are present, and it can be any number between 140 and 670, I believe.
If you add too many, the engine might lag, or even throw an error as it's trying to look for potential colors to make the boxes. This has been done in pure TI-Basic, and is a very small program (219 bytes in total, including the size of the name, etc).

This is just a preliminary test. I plan to add things such as differing depth, or anything else anyone suggests. I might even do backrounds as well.
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