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Tourn II
« on: August 28, 2016, 04:34:39 pm »

Coming soon to an online download near you...
(I think)

For those who don't remember what Tourn was (and I'm glad for that), it was a TI-84+CSE fighting game using ASCII characters and the Celtic II text-color-altering commands. I'm glad to be remaking it with proper sprites. Instead of bland characters represented by the shape of their head (an O, Q, G, 0, A, or θ), I plan to use characters from my old games. Of course, most of my old games used ASCII characters, so there will definitely be a fake-ASCII character as well. More info about the planned fighters, stages, and more coming soon.

The white tiles displayed after the initial "punch" animation are combo attacks. I haven't yet added the sprites for them yet. No collision has been implemented as of yet.
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