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Wabbitemu on psp
« on: August 14, 2012, 10:00:07 am »
[Originaly found on wololo's talk: ]

I started a few months ago to port an awesome Ti-8x series emulator from the pc to the psp.
As the TI-83+ has a 6mhz z80 CPU, I thought it would be possible to emulate it on the psp (featuring a 333mhz CPU).

Why did I choose Wabbitemu ? Because it's the best ti-8x emulator ever featuring many options as easily load a rom, easily send files to the ram memory or the flash memory, take screenshots, support for the sound and the best feature, an awesome and complete debugger.

So I started to port it, the author (the well known Buckeye) teaching me how does the emulator work, the internals etc.

I dealt with OSlib bugs: for example, I can't use the palettes or the psp crashes (dunno why though): that's why I've my own function that converts the 8bit image that the emulator give me to the OSL_PF_8888 format.

I finally got the emulator working with a POC: a beautiful chicken ROM (a rom only displaying a chicken basically).

[size=85]Looks great, doesn't it ?[/size]

After that, I implemented some keys (up, down and select as 2nd).

That's a temporary solution, we'll next need a skin with a virtual mouse to click on a key or a danzeff keyboard, dunno.

There is only one main problem: the emulator is really too slow: we need to optimize it. :?

I've now a lot of others projects, that's why I gpl'ed the port on google code, if someone wants to continue the project, I'll add him on the repository.

I hope someone is going to continue this project.  :)

Thank you.

tl;dr: I need someone to finish the port, we need two things: optimization and HUD, the rest is already done.
There are a few issues to fix, I added them in the issue tracker

Google code repository (with the source code):
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