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  20. ODE with non-origin bounds
  21. TI-59 card reader
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  34. Way to program asm directly onto calculator
  35. Using TInspire CAS as a Tool (Hundreds of Problems and Associated Libraries)
  36. Transferring files
  37. Data and address bus on TI-30X IIS
  38. Questions on how to install crafti
  39. TI Nspire CX CAS Indefinite Integral problem
  40. ncreator xml output to rtf
  41. Installing boot2 on nspire CX
  42. Trying to Graph basic equations on an nspire cx...
  43. Unable to Start Illusiat Collection
  44. Receiving App Causes Garbage Collect
  45. Help plz
  46. help with boot2 in CX
  47. Student Software won't recognize TI-Nspire without operating system
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