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DJ Omnimaga:
Necropost: I stumped upon a post on TI-BD forums and it reminded me when people here talked about doing TAS (tool-assisted speedruns) of calculator games. On TASVideos apparently they accept Bizhawk-emulated TAS'es and that emulator happens to support the TI-82 STATS (consequently the TI-83/82 Stats.Fr/76.Fr too). Sadly no 83+ emulation. I wonder, though, if it would be nice to have such kind of speedruns on the OmnimagaTV channel?

Yeah, that would be a cool idea.

Cool that wabbit records at 100%

DJ Omnimaga:
Yeah it's cool, although of course a real TAS uses frame by frame recording and such emulator deletes any failed frames after you hit reload from save state, so that the TAS is absolutely perfect. On top of that a good TAS abuses game randomizers so for example in battles you'll see the char wait for no reason while in fact he waits for the random seed to become high enough to do critical damage or receive as little as possible.

DJ_O, your link is broken. D: I think having TASes on Omnimaga Tv would be cool though. :)

I never thought to check if there were different speeds for the 84 and 83
When making a portal TAS for omnimaga tv  I just ran wabbit at 25% speed and then converted the gif to avi
I should have checked any forums, but I spent enough time on the levels to make the majority near perfect


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