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* epic7 editsAccepted formats are mp4, wmv, avi.

If we do make a video, do we introduce ourselves like, "Hello, I'm [insert username here] from OmnimagaTV...", or "Hello, I'm [insert username here] from Omnimaga..."?

DJ Omnimaga:
I guess you can say from Omnimaga as well, or Omnimaga dot org. And you don't necessarily have to talk. Another good thing would be to put Leafy's intro at the start of the vid and/or the site URL.

I think the admins should just add whatever default tags they need to add, and then just copy paste the rest.

Personally, I don’t think I would say that I’m from omnimaga tv, because the intro and the channel name would say that. To me, it would seem weird to say that I am from omnimaga in a video, but whatever floats your boat.
And in any tutorial that I made, I would at sometime show, but that is because I would only be doing nspire tutorials, and this website is much more important for nspires.

You can also upload .flv videos currently. If that is a less usable format I can remove that option.
EDIT: and just as a small note both the video and text file together have to be under 200mb so you can't cut it close


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