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Visit the OmnimagaTV YouTube channel
The OmnimagaTV channel is making progress, and now we're ready to start uploading videos!

Channel Admins:

* epic7
* DJ_O
* Sorunome
* Spyro543
* Juju
What videos you can submit:
You're welcome to submit any kind of calculator-related videos.
Some examples would be game speedruns, walkthroughs, reviews, and programming tutorials.
Computer tutorials/projects in the community may also be submitted, but the majority will be calculator-related.
For the time being, videos showcasing community music will not be accepted. You're still free to put your music inside your videos, though.
Videos are not strictly limited to these; if you have a good idea for an Omnimaga video, don't be afraid to share it!

When making your video:
When recording the calculator screen, using an emulator is reccomended, unless you can get a high-quality recording on camera.

Also, you'll want to put this intro in the beginning of your video.
If you're not able to attach the intro, you can ask an admin to do it, as explained in next.

How to upload your videos:
In order to prevent giving out the password to the YouTube channel, you can upload your videos to <a href=>this server</a>, hosted by ruler501.

The video file that you select must be under 200MB, and you'll have to send a special request to an admin for videos exceeding that limit.

The acceptable video formats are mp4, wmv, avi, and flv.

Secondly, you'll need to attach a .txt file. The text file should follow this general format:

Your username:
Description: [Add what the video is about, any appropriate links, and don't forget to put credits for any music that is used]
Tags: [Optional]
Edit requests: [Optional. If you need your video to be edited, or need to have the intro added on, say so in this field and I, or another admin, can take care of it for you]

Once you submit those files, and assuming the admins approve your video, it'll then be uploaded to the OmnimagaTV channel.

(If anyone thinks anything here should be changed, say so!)

Thanks for the info!

Just wondering, would you rather we add an endcard, or you add an endcard. I don’t want you to slave over something when we could do it, but it might be better for the videos to be slightly more uniform. Or is an endcard even that important?
(an endcard being that thing that says subscribe, like, visit, previous video, related video.)

If there's an intro/endcard up for download and you can easily add them, I think that you could attach them and it would still be pretty uniform

DJ Omnimaga:
You should specify which video formats are allowed. IMHO WMV and most AVI files should be.

Also tags should probably be essential, with some default tags specified in the first post, along with the ones related directly to the video and the calculator model. They tend to be kinda necessary for search optimization.

EDIT: From the channel, why am I unable to subcribe to Annoyingcalc (Bell4cow)?? O.O


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