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I decided that Project M's code was getting way too messy and was heading in a direction I didn't want. So, I am starting again from scratch. Well, I actually have the old code on hand in case I want to borrow some stuff from it, plus I still have all of the graphics data.

And starting fresh isn't all bad... it can allow for things like nSpire support, or making it an APP. And yes, I think it should be an APP.

It can also let me do graphics upgrades which I rejected before, like so:

That would be the new tilemapper. Shiny, eh? :D
Just for the record, the screenshot is running at 15MHz.
It goes at about 26 FPS in 6MHz, and 65 FPS in 15MHz. I don't think frame rate will be too much of an issue in this game, anyway.

More updates aren't very likely this week because of finals and junk like that.

DJ Omnimaga:
O"O holy shit fucking amazing! didnt knew it would look that great! Do u think Grayscale would be really necessary?

Yeah, grayscale is pretty important so the background doesn't intrude on the main tilemap. I've tried it with just black-and-white and it really gets in the way.

OMG! that is amazing! Shiny too



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