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Welp.... by Geekboy1011
August 10, 2015, 09:13:39 pm

It has sadly been brought to The Admins Team's knowledge that one of our staff has, of his own accord, vandalized a fellow community site. We do not condone such activity, and with this knowledge we have no other choice but to demote this staff member back to a normal member, until a time where he can be proven he can be trusted again.

- The Omnimaga Administration Team.

Promising Projects - 2015 Quarter 2.3 by pimathbrainiac
August 02, 2015, 09:33:04 am

Here we go, my (month late) quarterly, subjective, news coverage.Not going to lie, I love me my Cave Story. The freebie game from the early 2000s had an SDL port a while back, and said SDL port now has an nSDL Port for the Nspire series (although it is only playable on the CX). @gameblabla did a fantastic job with this. If you loved the original or haven't played the original, I suggest you check it out. He also made some other nSDL Ports that are equally as awesome.A port of nspire_emu for x86-based Android phones/tablets. Now you can take your calculator projects on the go (if you don't already have your calculator on you). @SpiroH has done an epic job with this. Keep up the good work!A 3D library for 68k calcs. It looks awesome and has a lot of potential for usage. Thanks to @catastropher for this epic library.Sorunome's continuation of DJ Omnimaga's Reuben Quest RPG series. As a lover of the original games, I can say that @Sorunome has done a great job keeping the spirit of the original games alive.An original RPG by @Escheron @Geekboy1011 and @Iambian that is simply outstanding looking. If you are on hcwp, you'll see them working on it, and they are doing a phenomenal job. Can't wait for the release!
@Vogtinator made an emulator for nspire calculators. It is cross-platform (and cross-mobile platform) and is open source. It is 100% awesome.

Edit: Changed X3D image to one for the actual engine. Not one for a completily different thing that just happens to be in the same thread ~ Geekboy

Android reaches the Nspire! by Sorunome
June 27, 2015, 03:35:30 pm

For quite some time it has been possible to run Linux on the Nspire series.

A few days ago it was made possible to run Android 1.6 ("Donut") on your Nspire! You can connect things like keyboard or Wifi sticks via the USB dongle.
Developed by Joshuamax this appears to be a fork off of Kernel 4.x
Of course this project is Open-Source and anyone can feel free to contribute here!

Video (Lunar Lander Demo): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skbuc_pQj9g
The Contests forum has now been moved from News to Calculator Community. In addition, there is now a "community contests" subforum where any of your own contests/challenges can go! Good luck to everybody in all the contests sure to follow!

While your at it, check out Code Golf - The Reboot. It's a reboot of an old series of contests done by JWinslow23, now done by pimathbrainiac (and others in subsequent iterations).

Since this restructure started due to a discussion specifically about Code Golf, the new moderators of the new community contests board will be JWinslow23 (who started Code Golf), c4ooo (Who prompted the restart of Code Golf), and pimathbrainiac (Who actually restarted Code Golf). All three of those listed, as well as some of the current active members, will be posting the weekly Code Golf here on Omni. For those who don't have an account here, that's fine! If you want to participate, send your solutions to the week's Code Golf organizer via IRC or another site. If you can't contact them, contact one of those listed in this post, and your solution will be passed along. More information can be found here.

Hayleia Promoted to CoT! by pimathbrainiac
May 28, 2015, 05:47:40 am

There comes a time in a programmer's life when they have contributed so much, they have to be recognized form their accomplishments. Maybe you want to play Pokémon on your TI-83+ series? Or perhaps Minecraft? Maybe you're more of a Robbox person? Perhaps you want to play a Prizm game on your 83+, such as Rainbow Dash Attack. Do you like Guitar Hero? That's been ported, too. What is a programmer without a snake clone under their belt? Like SHMUPs? They made a SHMUP. Listening to music on your phone? Try Your calculator. Remember "Flappy Bird?" That was ported, too. Jetpack Impossible? Done. 2048? Yup! And of course if you can't convince your friends which of the aforementioned games is the best, you can always settle it in Smash.

The point is, Hayleia's an awesome programmer, and has made nothing but great contributions since joining in 2011. And I am pleased to announce that @Hayleia has been (some might say finally) promoted to Coder of Tomorrow! Congratulations Hayleia on your job well done!
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