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Imagine if the 84+C was 6 MHz (color 83+ coming soon?) by DJ Omnimaga
April 12, 2014, 01:02:53 pm

A TI-Planet user, cpxo, has mentionned that a new color calculator, the TI-83 CE, is supposed to come out next year. The calculator prototype that he tested revealed that it would actually be a TI-83 Plus with a color screen.


The picture in the news article about it (second link) is fake (and is a photoshop of this), because the person was not allowed to take pictures of the real prototype, but assuming there is really a 83 CE coming out, we can already wonder in the TI community what would be the technical specs.

-Would it support the undocumented modes of the color 84+ model? (such as 160x240, low color, etc)
-Would it use a 6 MHz processor like the original 83+ or would it switch to 15 MHz like the TI-83 Plus.Fr USB?
-Would it have extra RAM pages?
-Would archive be upgraded from the 164380 bytes available on the TI-83 Plus?
-Will it just be a renamed TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition dedicated to France market? (entirely possible, as apparently, the TI-83 CE OS uses MathPrint and has the complex numbers glitch)
-Or could TI finally use better hardware such as a faster but Z80-compatible processor due to complains about slow display on the color 84+ series model?

Source: See links above.

DJ Omnimaga releases new music single by DJ Omnimaga
April 02, 2014, 06:27:08 pm

In June 2002, I started producing electronic dance music, which ranged between eurodance and happy hardcore in style. I decided to switch to another style in May 2010: Power Metal. Since 2011, I started releasing commercial albums, two being power metal and two being compilations of all my dance tracks made from 2002 to 2012 (except the covers). Unfortunately, certain versions of the songs on the 2nd metal album went unused. Today, they are now available for you on my new single along with a new song: Unfinished!


Track list:
1.   Unfinished  03:40
   -Brand new song!   
2.   Die! Die! Die! (Unused Version)  05:14    
   -This is actually a modified version of the song on Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga. The other was favored.
3.   Heading into the Final Battle (Unused Version)  04:23
   -Original version, but it was excluded from AKoO due to being too similar to Influence from Beyond the Sky      
4.   It's the End of Agony (Unused Version)  06:01
   -Finished nearly at the same time as the other, it went unused because it sounded way too similar to the main AKoO song.   
5.   Scraps Medley (bonus)  03:54
   -Two alternate and unused intros for The Star Knight, one for Die! Die! Die!, a 2002 attempt at power metal, a Dragonforce-like song snippet from late 2011 and a cancelled remix of Quest for the Legendary Axe from 2012.

The main song is themed after war and battle, the title refering to an army about to be defeated, but will not surrender and instead fight until death. Like the rest of my music, the single "Unfinished" is greatly inspired from artists and bands such as Albion (another electronic power metal artist), Saitama Saisyu Heiki, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Sabaton, Gamma Ray and many others. However, it is not exactly true metal, since the music was composed with old-school music softwares like Albion did (I use Music 2000, A.K.A. MTV Music Generator, while he uses MODPlug Tracker), rather than real instruments. Also there are no lyrics (although some were written for the main song), so while listening to the album, you might feel like if this music came from some random japanese game or something. Hence why my Bandcamp page refers to 32-bit music (MTVMG being a Playstation game from 1999).

Like Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga, this single will remain a Bandcamp exclusive (no iTune release). A 2nd single will eventually come out, featuring a 3rd Knight-based song, along with Tales of the Knight of the Moon and The Star Knight, for a single that is entirely themed after space knights.

You can download it (and the bonus track) or stream it at Bandcamp!

TI really buys Omnimaga: more details by Juju
April 01, 2014, 11:21:48 pm

Ticalc, Cemetech, TI-Planet and Omnimaga have all been bought by TI, merged them together with TI-Cares and put Nikky at the head of the newly formed department of Communities as vice-president.

But, alas, it was only a rather convincing April's Fools joke. Many of you fell for it, others remained dubious.

I want to thank Eeems for the idea and for being very convincing and everyone for helping us having a great April's Fools day.

Among the other fake projects we announced are DJ Omnimaga's Custer's Revenge 84C and Juju's Project Thundercloud, although for the latter this project is very real but will not come out on NES cartridges but rather as a PC game with 3D graphics. Your account on alberthrocks' withg.org is also safe and sound as it won't close anytime soon.

On a end note, Omnimaga will rename to Omnidoge: here's the new banner.

...j/k. :P

TI buys Omnimaga by Juju
March 31, 2014, 08:10:08 pm

At T^3 2014, we had a lot of opportunities to talk with Peter Balyta, new president of TI Education. As we reported to our last news, Balyta was very interested working with the community. Therefore, we are announcing today Texas Instruments will be buying Omnimaga.

We at Omnimaga have the community at heart and it will be a pleasure collaborating with TI to bring you the best programs for TI calculators.

More details later, but rest assured it's for the good of the community!

An Informal Chat with Peter Balyta - Cemetech by Geekboy1011
March 31, 2014, 03:36:37 pm

Back in February, Cemetech reported on the promotion of the previous Executive Director of Worldwide Marketing & Product Strategy, Peter Balyta, to president of TI Education. At T^3 2014 in Las Vegas, we had several opportunities to interact with Dr. Balyta, and he reiterated his mission to work with the community as well as to encourage programming wherever it intersects with and enhances TI's mission. Dr. Balyta generously spoke to me(Kerm Martian) this past Friday, answering questions about the present and future of TI's technology, its role in promoting programming and STEM, and his thoughts on the calculator enthusiast community. I was very pleased with what he had to say, and the fact that the following 4,000-word transcript is an edited and abridged version of our conversation (!) should belie the depth of our discussion.

If you lack the time or patience to read the full interview, a few important quotes are worth your time. For example:
Quote from: Peter Balyta
Over the last few years, as I've been more involved in product strategy and then going into worldwide marketing, I've worked hard to help the organization see that the community can really help us, and that we need to work more closely with the community along the positive lines I've discussed with you, adding value to the products, and I believe that that far outweighs the negatives. Most of the people in the community want to innovate, they want to improve their programming skills, they're very competitive people, and the vast majority is working on positive innovation. Those are the initiatives that we're excited about.
[W]hat you guys do is extremely valuable as well, whether it's programming or just showing what's possible. I refer to it as "extending the capability" of our platforms. That is very helpful for us to see what else can be done today and what should we be thinking about tomorrow. While I can't comment specifically on any roadmap plans and especially not what the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition will look like in the future, what I said earlier, that there's an important customer base there, it's one of our two hero product lines, and we're committed to improving the customer experience, and in my mind that includes performance going into the future.
In some parts of the world, programming as part of STEM regardless of whether TI is involved is really taking off, and I'm happy to see that. We're partnering more and more with folks to have kids start programming early on, knowing that all kids could have a platform for programming right there in their hands. They can do it in schools, they can do it at home, on the bus, waiting for lacrosse or soccer, and we're seeing that take off in parts of the world, for example in France. The TI-89 and now the TI-Nspire CAS platform is really taking off as a programming platform, and we try to encourage that wherever we see it. We're starting to see some of that here, and we're excited to recognize that. If you have ideas on how we can encourage that more, let me know.
Dr. Balyta spoke at length about TI's educational mission with its graphing calculators, including the classroom material and activities and professional development that it offers. We touched on the ever-popular STEM Behind Hollywood program, including whether that program might feasibly find a home on the TI-84+CSE. Perhaps most importantly to the community, Dr. Balyta discussed his views on the value of the community to TI (and vice versa), and how we can continue to build a close positive relationship in the future. I thank Dr. Balyta once again for his time, and I'll look forward to continuing to liaise between Cemetech, the community, and TI Education in the future on the behalf of our many skilled and passionate programmers, students, and teachers.

A link to the full article on Cemetech can be found Here
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