Board And IRC Rules

Omnimaga and OmnomIRC
Omnimaga is a site dedicated to calculator and computer game programming and music creation of any kind. Our goal is to provide a discussion environment free from hostility, allowing all coders to learn, help others, show off their projects, and discuss community-related news. To ensure this, we have a few rules you should keep in mind; punishments for infringing them range from warnings to permanent bans. Also note that OmnomIRC is the forum shoutbox linked to several IRC channels owned by Omnimaga, as well as a few other related ones. It is a privilege for users with at least forty posts. Do not spam the forums to fulfill this forty-post requirement. Where applicable, the Omnimaga forum rules also apply to OmnomIRC and the IRC channels and abuse will lead to bans on both IRC and the forums.
For more IRC and OmnomIRC specific information see this page.

The following are disallowed on the Omnimaga forums in any topic at any time.
  • Flaming, flooding, intolerance, and provocative comments.
  • Illegal content, including copyrighted material (such as TI's copyrighted software).
  • Pornography and shock images of any sort.
  • Discussions or tools intended to facilitate cheating, be it for classes, standardised tests, or any other situation in which academic dishonesty is possible.
The following are allowed but will be watched carefully and stopped if needed.
  • Religious and political debates.
  • Content that is "NSFW/C" (not safe for work/children), which must be in Spam with an appropriate warning in the title.
  • Swearing is always permitted to a reasonable extent, but will be deemed an offense if in excess.
Do not abuse the post-rating system.
  • Rate posts by quality, not by opinion.
  • All post-rating activity is recorded and visible to Managers and abuse will lead to bans.
  • Don't complain incessantly over every negative rating you receive. Your life doesn't depend on your rating score.
Double-posting (posting two messages in the same topic in quick succession) is discouraged.
  • Double-posting to "bump" a thread that hasn't been replied to for a day is permitted.
  • For special cases (such as a major project update), use your own discretion.
  • Remember that you can always use the "MODIFY" buttons to edit the content of a post.
Admins may act on their own discretion at any time.
  • To report an inappropriate post or private message, use the "Report to moderator" link at the bottom of the post or PM.
  • You can appeal any decision made by one Admin by contacting any of the other Admins.
  • The contents of these rules can be changed by consensus among the Admins at any time with or without warning.

All posts, downloads, and tutorials are written by individual users who may not represent Omnimaga as a whole. We are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by any software posted by a user.