Omnimaga has a built in chat client (OmnomIRC) that appears at the top of most pages on the site. This chat client is linked to two IRC servers, Omninet and Efnet. While Efnet is still supported, we recommend that users use Omninet in order to take advantage of the services and site integration it provides.

If a channel exists for a specific topic, please keep all discussion for that topic to that channel. As with most places on the internet netiquette generally applies.

Please don't use an alias for your nick on IRC when in our channels. We would request that you use the nick you've registered on Omnimaga with, or something similar enough that there is no confusion.

There is also an IRC client integration, so that the bridge is seemingly unnoticeable. More information about that can be found here.

Omninet Links

Main Channels
  • #Omnimaga - English channel for general chat.
  • #FR - French channel (#Omnimaga-FR on efnet).
  • #Spam - Channel for spammy chat (#Omnimaga-spam on efnet).
  • #Anime - Anime discussion channel (#Omnimaga-anime on efnet).
  • #Radio - Omnimaga radio announcer channel (#Omnimaga-radio on efnet).
  • #Games - Omnimaga IRC games channel (#Omnimaga-games on efnet).

Side Channels
  • #Private - Omninet only channel for unlogged discussion.
  • #Ponies - Omninet only channel for any and all MLP talk.
  • #ASCII - Omninet only channel for ASCII art spams.
  • #IRP - Withgusto/Eeems' official channel.
  • #thebot - IRC bot testing channel

Recommended IRC Clients

gCn chatting

If you want you can also use the chat with your calculator, more information about that can be found here.