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Project Periodical - "Pimath Promoted?!?" Edition by Geekboy1011
Yesterday at 04:58:35 pm

Seems Pimathbraniac managed to miss some stuff in his last project periodical, So before we call him out on that we, the Staff here at Omnimaga, are proud to announce that Pimathbrainac has been promoted to Editor! May he continue to deliver well thought out, completed :P and enjoyable content to our front page!

Now with out further ado the remaining Project Periodical Highlights!

Z820: A z80 computer with blinkenlights and serial communication. By Keoni29
FrostAPC328: A computer made with an arduino, an LCD display, and some buttons. By Spyro543
Dysphoria: A Knex ball machine of substantial size. Features plenty of curves. By Sorunome
Visicom Textphone Reverse-engineering: A reverse-engineering project of a textphone for deaf people from the 80s. By Keoni29
Light Detecting Oscilloscope Like Device: A light detector that graphs its output, similarly to an oscilloscope. By Spyro543
Sound Mixer: A homemade sound mixer, made with a breadboard and featuring a small speaker. By Sorunome
CBS 6000: A small 8-bit computer, now with serial loading and various other small computer features.

Project Periodical - January/February 2015 by pimathbrainiac
Yesterday at 11:07:21 am

I'm sorry that I'm two days late on this. I hope you all don't mind. This edition will cover January and February. I was unable to make one last month due to my busy schedule with robotics and such, sorry D: . Also, I will just be chronicling Omnimaga projects for this edition, simply from a bulk and time-crunch standpoint. Next month will resume projects from other sites. Anyways, here is this month's edition:

TI-8x Monochrome
Reuben Quest 3: A threequel to Reuben Quest, originally by DJ Omnimaga. There is some eyecandy at the moment. By Sorunome (new sprites by Art_of_camelot)
Super Smash Bros. Open: A lo-fi remake of Super Smash Bros. Currently, characters are being worked on, and there is a playable demo for multiplayer action. By Hayleia
Vectorial Math: A vectorial math suite. It currently features token hooks, and many operations necessary for vectorial math. By Sorunome
gLib - Axiom version: An Axiom version of the gLib 3D library, originally written in pure Axe. This library is now much faster, and is in the form of an Axiom (obviously :P ). By TheMachine02
Axagon: A Hexagon (note the lack of Super) port for the 8x calcs. Written in Axe, it is, well, Hexagon. By Matrefeytontias
Cookie Clicker Axe: An Axe port of the popular web game "Cookie Clicker." It now features most of the features of the original game. By JWinslow23
TwoStep: A puzzle game where you have two steps to reach a platform, but you must land on any kind of platform on the second step. By benedikt.muessig
Tornado: A new RPG in the works for the monochrome line. Will feature monster encounters and the like. By NanoWar
Slender: The Eight Pages: A port of the PC game with the same name. Features 4 level interrupt greyscale and static effects. By ACagliano
Re: Alien Breed 5 Episode II: Evolution: A port of Alien Breed 5, originally for the PC. The latest update featured many bugfixes and additions, as well as optimizations. By JamesV
My First Game: An action-platformer written in axe, featuring a class system, stamina bar, and numerous other things. By Omegaxis213

TI-84 Plus CSE
Zargul: An Eye of the Beholder-like for the CSE. Currently, there is some animated eyecandy and UI progress.
Flatforme: A simple platformer, written in TI-Basic, for the CSE. Currently, there is a demo available and a level editor in progress. By 123outerme
NaCaNiS: A Nyan Cat game for the CSE, originally made for Cemetech Contest #13. Features space, pop tart cats, and junk food. By Iambian

nTileWorld: A port of the 8x monochrome game "Chips Challenge," which, in it of itself, is a port of a PC game of the same name. This update features some recompiling and some optimizations. By ajorians
nMastermind: A port of the board game of the same name. It is a code-making/code-breaking game. Features multiple options for difficulty of play. By ajorians
nPDF A PDF reader for the Nspire. This last updates adds features and fixes bugs. By Legimet
Portal Nspire A 2D Portal clone for the Nspire, inspired by Builderboy's "Portal Prelude." Written in Lua, this will run on any Nspire model, so long as the OS is the right version number to support Lua. By LDStudios
Helicopt3rs: A port of Swing Copters for the Nspire. Written in C for Ndless'd calcs. Features high scores and gameplay from the original.
Duktape: A lightweight JS interpreter for the Nspire. By Legimet
Jens' Script Editor: An on-calc Lua editor. The latest update features bug fixes, a status bar, and a few improvements. By Jens_K
n2DLib: A 2D graphics library for Ndless C. The latest update features interpolation of curves. By Matrefeytontias

DOA: An FPS for the 68k series. After a hiatus, this project is back in action. By AaroneusTheGreat

Jetpack Joyride: A Casio port of a game of the same name. By Drakalex007

FrostByte: A Windows Phone application for bitwise operation calculations. By Spyro543
Carcassonne: A web port of the board game with the same name. By Sorunome
Chess Wars: A Fire Emblem/Advanced Wars-like for the PC. By Scipi
SPASM-ng: A fork of a fork of SPASM, a commonly used z80 assembler. This particular forkception adds ez80 support for the upcomming TI-84 Plus CE. By calc84maniac and alberthrocks
kArmTI: A TI-Nspire emulator with a skin, forked from nspire_emu. The latest update features a USB favorites menu. by SpiroH

Nspiroid: A TI-Nspire emulator for Android. Features a skin and emulation of the Nspire series. By SpiroH

Armed Combat: A side-scrolling military shooter in the beta stages. By nxtboy III

General Hardware
IoT Led Marquee: A large LED Marquee got an update with a faster processor and some recoding. By Geekboy1011

Ndless 3.9 is out! by Sorunome
February 24, 2015, 03:22:38 pm

This must be great news for all you Ndless users: Ndless 3.9 is out!
This new Ndless version allows you to install it on OS 3.9.0 and 3.9.1, so that even the Nspires that came with OS 3.9.1 (HW-S) can use it!

OS 3.9.0/3.9.1 users go and grab your ndless here: http://ndless.me/

Source: https://ndlessly.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/ndless-freshest-update-3-9/

TI Connect CE 5.0 Released by pimathbrainiac
February 24, 2015, 02:19:21 pm

With the success of Project Periodical, I will be starting on some other news articles and the like. This isn't extremely new, but it has yet to be discussed here on Omni.

As is tradition with TI in recent years, every time they have released a new calc, they have released either an update for existing connectivity software (such as the TI Connect update that arrived with the CSE) or completely new software (such as the Nspire-specific link software). With the upcoming arrival of the TI 84 Plus CE, a new color calculator built to be better, faster, and stronger, TI has released TI Connect CE 5.0. This software brings back some of the functionality of Graph Link with a program editor, but stops support for the 68k calcs and all non-USB z80 calcs. So while this is an update of sorts, TI Connect 4.0 is still available.

As far as performance, I have not yet been able to test the connectivity part of the software, but as stated on CodeWalrus, the software is much faster in both transfer speed and loading times than TI Connect 4.0. The device explorer and screen capture features also feature easy switching between multiple connected calculators. The programming editor interface reminds one of TokenIDE and SourceCoder with the tokens list and reference on the side, but with a more sleek and modern feel. The downsides are that Axe syntax and extended basic syntax are not currently supported due to this being TI's program, and not the community's.


EDIT: Full review now available here

More information on the TI-84 Plus CE by Sorunome
January 13, 2015, 04:43:18 pm

TI-84+CEAs TIs official page about the new TI-84+CE states it will be released in Spring 2015!
Features that are officially mentioned include:
  • Lighter and thinner than the other TI-8x models
  • Backlit color display
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Different colored cases
  • Same key layout as previous models / same use of OS

Other features found on various sources online:
  • Use of EasyData 5.0 --> possibly OS numbering of 5.x? (as pointed out here)
  • Use seems "very fast", as pointed out in a deleted Reddit comment --> maybe TI decided to use a ez80? Or, maybe to save production costs, they are using an ARM and are merely emulating the z80?
  • The model doesn't seem to have a 2.5mm I/O port anymore
  • 150KB of user RAM and 3.0MB of archive, according to Vernier

Information taken from Cemetech's news article and the sites it linked to. (Also used their image)
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