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Android reaches the Nspire! by Sorunome
June 27, 2015, 03:35:30 pm

For quite some time it has been possible to run Linux on the Nspire series.

A few days ago it was made possible to run Android 1.6 ("Donut") on your Nspire! You can connect things like keyboard or Wifi sticks via the USB dongle.
Developed by Joshuamax this appears to be a fork off of Kernel 4.x
Of course this project is Open-Source and anyone can feel free to contribute here!

Video (Lunar Lander Demo): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skbuc_pQj9g

Contests Forum Restructure and Code Golf by pimathbrainiac
June 05, 2015, 07:20:22 pm

The Contests forum has now been moved from News to Calculator Community. In addition, there is now a "community contests" subforum where any of your own contests/challenges can go! Good luck to everybody in all the contests sure to follow!

While your at it, check out Code Golf - The Reboot. It's a reboot of an old series of contests done by JWinslow23, now done by pimathbrainiac (and others in subsequent iterations).

Since this restructure started due to a discussion specifically about Code Golf, the new moderators of the new community contests board will be JWinslow23 (who started Code Golf), c4ooo (Who prompted the restart of Code Golf), and pimathbrainiac (Who actually restarted Code Golf). All three of those listed, as well as some of the current active members, will be posting the weekly Code Golf here on Omni. For those who don't have an account here, that's fine! If you want to participate, send your solutions to the week's Code Golf organizer via IRC or another site. If you can't contact them, contact one of those listed in this post, and your solution will be passed along. More information can be found here.

Hayleia Promoted to CoT! by pimathbrainiac
May 28, 2015, 05:47:40 am

There comes a time in a programmer's life when they have contributed so much, they have to be recognized form their accomplishments. Maybe you want to play Pokémon on your TI-83+ series? Or perhaps Minecraft? Maybe you're more of a Robbox person? Perhaps you want to play a Prizm game on your 83+, such as Rainbow Dash Attack. Do you like Guitar Hero? That's been ported, too. What is a programmer without a snake clone under their belt? Like SHMUPs? They made a SHMUP. Listening to music on your phone? Try Your calculator. Remember "Flappy Bird?" That was ported, too. Jetpack Impossible? Done. 2048? Yup! And of course if you can't convince your friends which of the aforementioned games is the best, you can always settle it in Smash.

The point is, Hayleia's an awesome programmer, and has made nothing but great contributions since joining in 2011. And I am pleased to announce that @Hayleia has been (some might say finally) promoted to Coder of Tomorrow! Congratulations Hayleia on your job well done!

Axe Wiki Opens! by pimathbrainiac
May 18, 2015, 02:00:25 pm

As you may have seen in the channel topic on #omnimaga, the Axe Wiki has opened! Currently, there is a lot of nothing on the wiki, so you can go request and account to contribute! The axe wiki is hosted by Sorunome and the admins are Sorunome and myself at the present, but is not officially affiliated with Omnimaga at the current time.

The Axe Wiki is a place for tutorials and documentation regarding Axe. What are you waiting for? Go and contribute!

z80 and ez80 ASM Support Added to SourceCoder 3 by KermMartian
April 20, 2015, 02:31:16 pm

Adding assembly support to SourceCoder 3 has long been on my to-do list, and a happy confluence of factors has allowed me to begin to make this a reality. First, and arguably most importantly, I just finished a very important deadline at work, so I have a little more free time to actually work on personal projects. Secondly, inimitable Cemetech administrator Tari built the SPASM assembler using Emscripten (and put together the necessary wrappers and online demo), allowing SPASM to be run in a browser. Finally, calc84maniac and alberthro took the time to add ez80 support to SPASM, creating a new tool called SPASM-ng. With these three components, I've put together support for ASM programming in SourceCoder, and I'm already thrilled at how fast it lets me iterate my build/test cycle.

SourceCoder 3 now lets you write, assemble, and test z80 and ez80 assembly programs directly in your browser. First, SourceCoder's ability to handle multiple files, syntax highlighting, and saved projects means you can put together assembly projects with several source files, edit them comfortably in your browser, and save them to access on any computer, even your phone. Second, SPASM-ng compiled with emscripten means that you can assemble your programs in your browser, on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, or anything else that supports modern Javascript. Finally, you can export .8xp files directly from SourceCoder, or if you want to test your programs, simply send them directly to the jsTIfied calculator emulator built into SourceCoder. Because you can write z80 or ez80 assembly programs, this tool will not only be useful for existing assembly projects, but for many new projects that explore the powerful new TI-84 Plus CE.

If you're an assembly programmer, I'd love to hear your feedback from trying out SourceCoder 3's new z80 and ez80 assembly support.

SourceCoder 3 TI-BASIC and Assembly Editor and IDE

Cross-posted from z80 and ez80 ASM Support Added to SourceCoder 3 on Cemetech
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