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Net Neutrality by Juju
September 10, 2014, 04:12:05 pm

We at Omnimaga are for a free and open Internet. So it is natural for us to support the Net Neutrality movement fighting against the American FCC, big ISPs and their concept of fast lanes which would make big companies' websites go fast while slowing down everyone else, including our beloved Omnimaga.

We enabled the appropriate script for the day, it's a popup that lets you sign the petition and gives you more info on this. We encourage you to sign the petition, call your representative and spread the word!

Also a note for you non-Americans, you might think you are not concerned, but many of you have a website or a blog, and fast lanes would affect your American visitors... Omnimaga may be Canadian, but we still have this at heart.

Here's a few links fore more info:

Thank you and may Omnimaga live forever free!

Supersonic Ball now up on Google Play by Juju
September 04, 2014, 10:20:11 pm

For you Android users, I finally got around getting a credit card and paying the necessary fees, so the Android version of DJ Omnimaga's critically acclaimed Axe Parser game Supersonic Ball is now up for download on the Google Play Store for only $2!

But I'm hearing you, wait what it's now paid? Well, yes, sort of. The paid version is exactly the same as the one that was released a few months ago (but I had to recompile it with a release key instead of the debug one, and it's still up on GitHub) and will likely remain that way when a new version goes up. That is, if you feel it's worth $2, feel free to buy it on Google Play, otherwise, if you don't or you can't afford it for some reason, you can always grab it on GitHub.

Get it on Google Play
Or here if you can't afford it, it's the exact same thing

(P.S.: There is a way for you faithful Omnimaga members to get it for free on Google Play... Please contact me!)

Omnimaga moves 1 generation up by DJ Omnimaga
September 01, 2014, 08:54:02 pm

In this new age of tablets, smartphones and causal gaming such as Minecraft, calculator programmers have become increasingly sparse. The few that still ventures into calculator programming now usually stick to Github, Facebook, their personal blogs or IRC to showcase their projects instead of forums. As a result, the days of the calculator community have been counted for well over 8 years now, despite a few waves of newcomers resulting from calculator-related novelties every now and then, and the day when smartphones will no longer be banned from any class nor exam in the world, calculators could possibly either become a thing of the past or be adopted by vintage computer programmers and the like.

No matter what, Omnimaga still get new members from any school age, some who were not even born when it originally started. Because yes: Today it has now been 13 years since Omnimaga as a group was founded (the site itself started two and an half years later)!

Hundreds of calculator games and programs have been released by its staff over the years, as well as many PC programs and several electronic songs. It went through ups and downs, including a 6 months shutdown in 2008, reaching record TI community activity levels during its glory days and today the forums is slowly approaching 400,000 posts!

So basically, thanks to everyone who have allowed Omnimaga to last this long and let's hope it lasts even longer in one form or another! There is no 13th anniversary Youtube video available to celebrate Omnimaga's birthday (maybe for the 15th?), but for people who have missed some of the past Omnimaga releases, here are the 6th through 10th anniversary videos, as well as the HP Prime, TI-Nspire and Axe tribute videos below:

6th anniversary (2007)
6th anniversary (unused)
The Resurrection (2008)
8th anniversary (2009)
9th anniversary (2010)
10th anniversary (2011)
Axe Parser Tribute (2010)
Ndless: Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now (2010)
The first ever TI-Nspire Lua games (2011)
HP Prime Tribute (2014)

Cemetech Contest #12 Results and Winners by Geekboy1011
September 01, 2014, 12:57:19 am

Last Wednesday, Cemetech Contest #12 drew to a close. For this contest, entries were restricted to TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition programs, yet we still had close to a dozen community members come up with creative projects. We received seven entries by the Contest #12 deadline: four assembly programs and three TI-BASIC programs; three TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition-compatible programs, and five TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus-compatible programs. All seven showed the ingenuity and inventiveness we expect from Cemetech members, and all seven met the requirement of teaching users or students something concrete in their program. Many of the entries included some form of quiz or game to test students' knowledge, and many also included reference information or tutorials for students to learn from. I'll first introduce the non-winning but still admirable entries, and conclude with the winners.
  • Basic Handbook: This z80 ASM program makes use of the Doors CS GUI routines to present lessons on the fundamentals of TI-BASIC. At present, it teaches a simple "Hello, World" example plus a few additional commands.
  • Bit Manipulation: A much-needed tutorial on bitmath by pyrotechnic, written in z80 ASM for z80 ASM programmers. It's a work-in-progress that currently teaches boolean logic commands and z80 ASM bitmath operators, and has extensive documentation on its plans for a quiz mode.
  • Survival: Newcomer APotato submitted this TI-84+CSE TI-BASIC game inspired by Darwinian evolution and the principle of "survival of the fittest". It includes several minigames of chance and skill that determine if the player's hypothetical species thrives or perishes.
  • CBCRTR: An electronic circuit builder and simulator by 16aroth6 that also teaches the basics of electronics. The main missing piece is the simulator component, which should bring this already capable learning tool to the next level.
We'd also like to tip a judicial hat to ordelore for his unfinished, unsubmitted entry "Earth Impact", a port of the STEM Behind Hollywood activity of the same name. Although ordelore will be unable to work further on the entry, he has sent his code to a few community members to hopefully complete.

And now, our third, second, and first place winners, in that order. Our prizes include three calculators: a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, a TI-Nspire CX, and an overclocked TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. We again thank our anonymous donor for the two new color-screen calculators.
  • In third place, Element Teacher by CalcGuy123 teaches information like name, symbol, atomic mass, and more for elements on the periodic table, then quizzes students on what they learned. It earned high marks for including a wealth of useful information, and with a small bit of additional polishing should be ready for Chemistry students everywhere.
  • Second place went to geekboy1011 for Resistor Calculator, a color z80 ASM program for the TI-84+CSE that translates resistor color codes to resistance values and also offers reference materials for electrical engineers. Geekboy1011 earned particular recognition from the judges for showing consistent effort and progress on his project in his contest topic throughout the competition.
  • Matrefeytontias wins first place for A Whole New Perspective, a sprawling z80 ASM project that teaches 3D programming. Matrefeytontias has produced a number of impressive 3D projects in Axe and assembly in the past, and has shared his experiences in an easy-to-understand format with this interactive tutorial.
To all our contestants and winners, congratulations! Please PM me your mailing address, and we'll get your prizes to you soon. If you feel like eventually posting up photos of your prizes and/or what you plan to do with them, we certainly won't complain. Since all contestants have uploaded their entries to the Cemetech Archives, we ask that you notify us if you don't want us to accept the upload. Most importantly, if your entry is unfinished, please finish it as soon as possible and publish it to help underscore the value of programming for creating educational calculator programs! If you didn't win, then keep your eyes open for Cemetech Contest #13 starting this fall, which will have more TI-84+CSEs and TI-Nspire CXs as prizes and for which we have a few extra surprises in store.

Left to right: "A Whole New Perspective", "Resistor Calculator", and "Element Teacher"
[source: http://cemete.ch/p223089#223089]

Updates and planned downtime by Eeems
August 18, 2014, 06:37:44 pm

Omninet has had a large amount of the official channels renamed. Use the IRC page to see what the current standard is for naming channels (ourl.ca/p/irc).

To continue on this, there will be some downtime tonight, possibly up to two hours while Eeems runs some updates to the servers. After the updates are done, there may be some interruption to services as configuration files are updated to work with the new version. Keep an eye on Twitter or IRC to see what the current status on the upgrade is.
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