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Summary: Originally posted on November 12th, 2006

First off exclude omnimaga from all the discussion in this article cause I am not talking about omnimaga when I say TI community and also exclude some persons that are too numerous to name right now and also the 68K series and TI-85 and 86 and 82 cause I am not talking about those calculators. I am talking about the 83/83(+) series programmers and that is what I am referring to when I say z80. Now that I got that squared away let's get on to the article.

The z80 TI community is heading in a bad direction for most. Games are becoming generic and anything is being realesed on to the Web. Let's take a look at a handful of programs I found in ticalc.org's recent files. Sieprinski Triangle Drawing, Super Mario Bros(8 Worlds), Quadratic Formula Program, MarioDXX(level), Time/Date set. All these programs really should not even make it to ticalc.org let's face the truth. One thing though is that all ideas really have been used dry and that's why if someone finds a good idea they usually run with it and program many sequels thus locking them into shackles and maknig them prone to stay with that program and not move on to another. It is not the programmers fault though.

Let's think about this for a second say that NES was the only console system out there and it was the best. It has been out there for 10 years and great games have come out for it. Developers are finding it hard to develop for and turning away. Gamers are turning away because there are no new games for it. All of a sudden PS2 comes out and blows away everyone with 3D and developers are going crazy with games and gamers and buying it all cause it is great. The PS2 sees the same fate as NES though because it has been out there for 10 years.

I think you understand what I am trying to say. The z80 series has been out there for so long with no new updates at all that have sparked interest. Developers are running out of ideas and thus not getting games out which turns away gamers so that when a game does come out it doesn't get many downloads. That's the thing 83/84(+) has overstayed it's welcome. There needs to be a next generation calculator like an 84+^2. The z80 series needs improvement on this next generation system like memory-mapped display instead out an LCD driver, some vector support,update to a better custom z80 processor like maybe adding some registers and combineing 16 bit registers to 32 bit registers!!!!, a OS resembling a computer OS,Programming API like OpenGL and other things, maybe even throw in included grayscale with black and white. This next-gen calculator would inspire people to develop more things and also be more downloads. I know your saying look at the 89-92-and v200, or look at the TI-Nspire, but I don't want to I want a calculator that I am familar with but still has some new cutting edge features.

I have seen the Assembly advancements in 3-D and I personally think these are the pioneers that are keeping the z80 community a float in the middle of an 800 mile ocean of death.

These are just my opinions about the TI Community, and I am not blaming the programmers I am actually blaming TI.

Points of this articles:
There needs to be a next-gen title
The z80 community is exhausted
TI needs to pay more attention to the 83/84(+) series
(random)Why are all TI Applications 2 pages?


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