thydowulays's Complete n00bs guide to tilemapping in Axe

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Summary: Teaches you about drawing, collision, and more with great explanation!

Okay, so you've seen them everywhere. Mario, Pacman, and tons of others all use a method for displaying a "map" on the screen, and easy and custom collisions with it. Although there are many out there, this Axe tilemapping tutorial will hopefully boost your knowledge of tilemapping to a pretty decent level. Enough of me blabbering, let's get started!

Okay, so the first part of the tilemap is the map itself. Most maps are 12 wide, and 8 tiles high. Tiles are 8x8 sprites that are used in a tilemap, that can be collided with, drawn, or changed dynamically. You will learn how to do all this later on in the lesson. NOTE: This lesson only covers non-scrolling tilemaps.

When drawing a map, you have to pay attention to the number that the tile is. This will always be two digits in length, and the numbers in it correspond to the sprites that you put in the tile. For example - tile 00 is blank, while tile 01 would hold a sprite value.

Here is an example of a map:

[010101010101010101010101]->GDB1 // You will learn why this is on top later

The reason we put the GDB1 at the top, is because that ensures that our map compiles like it should, without doing that will only display one row of the map.

That map is 12x8, because there are 24 numbers in each row (remember that one tile is two digits) and there are 8 columns.
The map would look like this drawn:


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