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8X+[SE] - calcsys 1.4 - the forgotten update
« on: February 10, 2021, 03:45:31 am »

I recently discovered that the source for calcsys 1.4 is actually public since 2017, and was provided by its original developer, Dan Englender (cheers if you're reading this btw).
It includes the following :

documented changes :
> Flag byte 20 now displays correctly.
> Displays correct size information for archived variables.
> Hex Editor now views RAM pages on 84P correctly.
undocumented changes :
> Data location for archived variables now points to the actual data, rather than the whole archive entry.
> There is now a 1 pixel space between characters in the About screen.

I was a bit curious to know why the assembled code had never been made directly available, so i tested it.
Version 1.4 appears to be an unfinished|abandoned project, so i performed the following :

> Discovered bugs were fixed, in a pretty clean way.
> Missing 1.4 information was added in the documentation, including undocumented changes.
> The source is now easier to assemble.

If you just want to generate the application, follow the instructions in the READ.txt file (windows OS required).

This is my tribute to an app that made history.
Have fun with calcsys 1.4 =]

Note :

I originally tried to contact Dan Englender and Detached Solutions, but the email boxes are either full, or don't exist anymore.
I believe everything follows what's in the license.txt file anyway.
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