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« Reply #15 on: August 08, 2010, 03:32:01 pm »
Maybe it could be advanced badness, like if the answer is within -50 to 50, dont do anything because user would notice.  If the answer has a decimal part larger than 5 digits, change the 100s place.  If the number is larger than 10000, and not a power of 10, mess with the 1's place.  Or multiply the answer by 2 or something :P

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« Reply #16 on: August 08, 2010, 05:32:41 pm »
I have thought about doing that for a long time. The reason I never did it is because 1. I'm too lazy, and 2. that could actually really cause problems. I look at the off by one as a joke, but that would be so unnoticeable that people wouldn't turn it off and would end up losing points on tests.

Like for instance when I put my friends float on 0 (I know it's not called float but calling it float causes the least problems). He took a test and thought that all the problems conveniently came out even. I tried to tell him while he was taking it but he didn't understand. Luckily I told him afterwards that someone else did it and the teacher didn't take off. But the off by one would just make someone look incompetent.
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« Reply #17 on: August 09, 2010, 01:06:25 am »
My friend at school constantly ends up doing something similar to the float 0 thing.  He's gotten quite a few (~25%) points taken off because of the float 0 thing.  I think his solution was something crazy like a program that changes all the settings to the default.  Idk.  I've never run into that problem personally.

also, @the hook thing.  I've thought of roughly the same idea before.  If I knew more about floating points, I'd do something like that.  But I agree that it would be quite evil :P