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Unsendable data items
« on: January 23, 2012, 01:56:31 pm »
I posted this before in the 'Getting started in Casio Basic' topic but since this isn't really on a 'getting started' level I decided to make a seperate thread.

In the guide of the Casio fx-9860 GII I found a list of data items that can be sent over communications. In regards to my previous question (in the Getting started in Casio Basic topic) a data type that is missing from this list could be used to contain a unique password of some sort. The problem is that I haven't found any data types not present on this list. But since there is a list in the first place I am sure they must exist. Do any of you see a data item missing from this list?

Spoiler For Spoiler:
ALPHA MEM (alpha memory contents)
<CAPTURE> (Capture memory group)
CAPT n (Capture memory (1 to 20) data)
CONICS (Conics setting data)
DYNA MEM (Dynamic Graph functions)
EQUATION (Equation calculation coefficient values)
E-CON2 (E-CON2 setup memory contents)
FINANCIAL (Financial data)
<F-MEM> (Function memory group)
F-MEM n (Function memory (1 to 20) contents)
<G-MEM> (Graph memory group)
G-MEM n (Graph memory (1 to 20) contents)
<LISTFILE> (List file group)
LIST n (List memory (1 to 26 and Ans) contents)
LIST FILE n (List file memory (1 to 6) contents)
<MATRIX> (Matrix group)
MAT n (Matrix memory (A to Z and Ans) contents)
<PICTURE> (Picture memory group)
PICT n (Picture (graph) memory (1 to 20) data)
<PROGRAM> (Program group)
Program names (Program contents (All programs are listed.))
RECURSION (Recursion data)
SETUP (Setup data)
STAT (Stat result data)
<STRING> (String memory group)
STR n (String memory (1 to 20) data)
SYSTEM (OS and data shared by applications (clipboard, replay, history, etc.))
<S-SHEET> (Spreadsheet group)
Spreadsheet data names (Spreadsheet data (All spreadsheet data are listed.))
TABLE (Table data)
<V-WIN> (V-Window memory group)
V-WIN n (V-Window memory (1 to 6) contents)
Y=DATA (Graph expressions, graph draw/non-draw status, V-Window contents, zoom factors)

Original data can be found through the link down here, page 318 and 319.
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