Author Topic: VB Form passes external shell commands to module console, but GUI freezes. Help?  (Read 3289 times)

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Alright Geniuses of the World, here is a problem you guys can try your hands at for me. I have a console application with an added form for the next release of my most successful project, XP Maintenance. Just one problem, when the Form calls a method that executes system shell commands, while the shell commands operate without much problem, the GUI on the Form freezes and goes white. Not too good-looking to an average user, so i want to know if it is possible to fix this problem. Source code attached.

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Umm, I would say, probably because whenever you have code that it runs, it has to wait for it to complete before the rest of the code starts running again, so it can't paint the form while that code is running.  I would try to run all those in a separate thread...
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Thanks. +1 for you. I'll tae a look at that. That makes sense.

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I done VB before but it was almost 7 years ago with VB6 and we only did some rudimentary game-oriented stuff only (see downloads section) so I can't really help much, sorry :(
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