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Re: Enhanced BF
« Reply #15 on: September 19, 2012, 11:25:48 pm »
Ok, so after nearly a year, I actually have something to show for this (Holy crap!)

Introducing Mindf*ck:

A dialect of BF that on top of the original BF command set and principles, adds functionality for using addresses, splitting threads, moving throughout the code (read: subroutines), and the ability to insert values in the code itself easier.

The command list is as follows:
//BrainF*ck Commands
>   Shift right
<   Shift left
+   Inc
-   Dec
[   Start while if nonzero
]   End while - break if zero (Jump to address if nonzero)
.   Get char
,   read char
//MindF*ck Commands
#   Get Int
$   Read Int
(   Store address
)   Pop address
{   Copy value to address
}   Retrieve value at address
""   Insert string - overwrites its length
::   Insert binary num   
^   Jump to address
|   Split thread at code address
!   Ends process

The main difference is the addition of a stack used for addresses as well as storing values. Think like what Z80 has. You are also able to move around the code itself to execute sections of code.

"<string>" allows for strings of chars to be inserted into the value array, it will overwrite its length in chars.
:<Number>: this will insert an int expressed in binary at this point in the value array

Another difference is that instead of chars, the array is composed of ints. I did this in order to support jumps using values in the value array.

Things to do:

Fix the split thread command. Weird stuff is happening and I'm not sure why.

More bug testing


Edit: I forgot to mention, I still need to write up the full documentation for how each command works and what exactly they read from/effect. Some of the address commands either affect the value array iterator or code iterator, for instance.
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