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Re: Change in Activity
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2011, 06:18:52 pm »
There are only four of us on nightshift so it's a little hard to slack off without getting caught. Lol
Me and the other new guy have work ethic so it's all good.
Thanks for the concern though :)
( yeah I was raised to have work ethic. Let's just say I have to do a lot of helping out around the house for like everything. )

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Re: Change in Activity
« Reply #16 on: October 12, 2011, 06:34:55 pm »
Ok well if the boss is always there that can be good I guess (or bad if he's incredibly annoying lol), and glad to hear. It just seems among young people in general work ethics were lost over time, because parents no longer teach this. My mom often talked to me about work and told me when we go to work we're there to work, not to have fun. Of course at work we have fun sometimes with others or sometimes we are a bit slower because some days are less busy than others and we almost did all our work, but that doesn't last and a minute or two later we're back into doing something. She even said if she noticed in our small jobs like paperboy that if she heard we kept slacking off, she would send us to work at McDonald's, and she said McD's was the school to learn how to hurry. She also told us that usually where we work there is always something to do.

While I hate always having the boss behind me telling me to do plenty of stuff, I kinda wish he did that with employees that do nothing where I work. :P (although nowadays our issue is not really employees doing nothing, but rather ones that calls in sick for no reason, which prevents the rest of the place from having a life. It got so bad that when I get called to work on an off day or earlier than supposed and I know it's a slacker who called in sick again, I don't even answer the phone anymore, and on Fridays, I tell in advance that that evening I got something to do so they don't beg so I stay at work because someone didn't come to work)
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Re: Change in Activity
« Reply #17 on: October 14, 2011, 12:37:12 pm »
Good points DJ. There are a lot of slack asses, and I have to deal with that kind of stuff at work too, although we actually have a very good crew at the moment.

@Eeems: Good luck with your new job. You're basically working the same hours I do( i work 10pm-7am) It'll take you a while to get your body adjusted to working those hours. On days off for me it is easier to keep the same sleep schedule as when I am working. I do occasionally vary it if I have something to do though.

*Edit* 3rd shift here pays 75cents more than a comparable position during daytime hours.
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