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Anyone go to music concerts?

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I went to 9 of them this summer with my mom (4 of them with DJ_O), all in the Québec City/Lévis region.

Went to Metallica, then 3 shows for the 375th/150th/10th anniversary of my seigneurie/original town/new merged town, then 5 at some festival about hot air balloons.

Oh god 5 days in a row finishing tonight, it's kinda tiring. (Well, at least I met DJ_O for 3 of these days.)

DJ Omnimaga:
Before I didn't go to them much but I always wanted to go to a Stratovarius, Dragonforce or Metallica show before. Sadly I never had the chance to. But yeah years ago I went to an humorist show where Juju goes to school now, last year I went to some rally to bring back a NHL team in Quebec city and now 4 shows with Juju. That one hard rock show was quite intense even if I normally don't listen to that kind of music.

I never go to concerts, as I have "very strange" music tastes, according to what people say. In fact, I almost never listen to more than one music from a band, mostly because they never make more than one good music according to me. So I won't pay to listen to music I don't like, just hearing one good music. I already said that somewhere but the band I listen most is SOAD and I listen to 4 or 5 of their songs.

DJ Omnimaga:
Yeah the bands I saw weren,t necessarily my favorite music styles either, just a bit close to the stuff I listen to sometimes. However the shows were parts of a bigger event so while we paid to get there, we didn't have to pay for individual shows. In fact there were multiple shows going on at once and Saturday we heard the other show in the background when the one where we were stopped playing music XD

I went to the Sonisphere France in Amnéville ! (actually 40kms from where I live^^^)
The big Four, Gojira, Mastodon, Airbourne,..
My first 'big' concert, but what concert !

Edit : Forgot Dream Theater, my favourite band ^^


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