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  1. Emu48 for Android
  2. HP Prime Emulator
  3. HP Prime corrupting programs
  4. HP Prime Virtual Calculator and WINE
  5. new firmware and software version: 2018.02.12
  6. HP Prime Relative Speed Testing- What is REALLY faster?
  7. Is it possible to programmatically get the HP Prime's battery level or voltage?
  8. Prime Linux
  9. Announcing Rip'Em, a third-party firmware for the HP Prime
  10. New HP Prime Paperback and eBook Guide
  11. JPG PNG Image Viewer for HP Prime (Gallery) [NEW VERSION 07-08-2017 v2.3.0]
  12. SuperMario for HP50g
  13. HPLua, Lua for HP Calculators HP49g+ & HP50g
  14. Python4Calculators
  15. Minecraft like Game for HP Prime
  16. Paint app
  17. HP 12c Programming
  18. New HP Prime OS: 2016.08.29 r10637
  19. "OpenWorld" game for HP Prime
  20. CASIO-like ENG key for HP 50g
  21. CASIO-like ENG key for HP Prime
  22. mViewer GX2 PDF converter for HP Prime
  23. HP 50g on sale
  24. New HP Prime OS: 2016.04.14 r10077
  25. DImgrob the screen
  26. Gallery: The HP Prime PNG Image Viewer [UPDATED V2.3.0 07-08-17]
  27. latextogrob: LaTeX Formulae into HP 50g
  28. New HP Prime OS: release 20150427 rev. 6975
  29. HRAST BASIC for HP-48G/G+/GX, HP-49G and HP-49G+/50G
  30. Source: It's a programming language. Now with HPPL support!
  31. HP Prime Graphing Calculator App for Android
  32. HP 50g - Sudoku
  33. Can the HP Prime automatically run a program on boot?
  34. Change the screen color?
  35. New HP Prime OS: 20141203 revision 6975
  36. A Quine in HP Prime
  37. New HP Prime OS Version: 2014.1124
  38. about HPPL
  39. Bugs and Requested Features with the HP Prime and Related Software
  40. TETRIS for the HP Prime!
  41. Annoying feature-Boot time/Splash screen for hp prime
  42. Let's hack the HP Prime!
  43. Math problems?
  44. What's wrong with my HP 49g+?
  45. HP PPL issue with LINE_P() and/or BLIT_P
  46. HP 50g/49g+ GRAYSCALE GAMES
  47. Graph 3D beta update
  48. The .hpprgm format
  49. Fast filled circles routine
  50. [SOLVED] Tunnel Syntax error (2014.0331)