Author Topic: JPG PNG Image Viewer for HP Prime (Gallery) [NEW VERSION 07-08-2017 v2.3.0]  (Read 1652 times)

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Hello everyone. For some time my interest has turned to visualize images in the HP Prime... and finally here, the liberty from the Websites or others conversion tools!!  :w00t:

This application called "Gallery" offers the ability to view PNG and JPG files natively and directly into the calculator. Just follow the instructions to make the program work.

How to install this app:
  • Make sure that you are up-to-date and have at least SW/FW Version 10077 - 20160414
  • Copy the Gallery.hpappdir folder into your My Documents\HP Connectivity Kit\Content folder on your PC.
  • Run the Connectivity Kit and connect your calculator to your PC (or optionally run the virtual emulator).
  • Drag the Gallery.hpappdir folder on the left pane of the connectivity kit window, just inside "Application Library" category and drop it there.
  • To load images into Gallery please open "Gallery.hpappdir" folder and copy all the images in that location. Then, drag the whole folder and drop it inside the "Application Library" of the HP Prime. That's all.
TIP: Compress PNG before upload is a good idea.

How to use this app:
  • Press [VIEW] to access the Menu.
  • To Exit from image Gallery, press [ON]
  • To Invert Colors press [+/-]
  • To Blank Screen (blackout) press [DEL]
  • To Browse between images, use the D-Pad.
  • Use the Touchscreen to move - zoom or use the keyboard. Zoom:
  • or [-], Move: [4],[8],[6],[2].
  • To Restore Zoom/Pan to Default press [5]
  • To Hide Gallery, press [HOME]
UPDATES (23-06-15):
Fixed version to run in 8151 (17-06-15) Firmware.
Added: Zoom feature with Touchscreen.
Improved: Zoom, Stability, Velocity, App Size.

Initial Release

Added: Zoom feature with Keyboard
Added: Multi-Image Browsing
Improved: Stability

Added: Move feature with Keyboard
Improved: Stability, Resolution Capabilities, App Size.

Added: Move feature with Touchscreen, Invert Color, Panic Button.
Improved: Zoom, Stability, Resolution Capabilities, Velocity, App Size.

JPG/PNG File support under 10077 Firmware!
Capable to run in 10077 Firmware
Improved App Size and Stability
Improved App Speed
Improved RAM Memory Management
Improved File Transfer
New Icon and Samples

JPG/PNG File support under 10077 or newer Firmware!
Improved App size and stability
Less loading time and no flickering
Improved file transfer
New Functions like "Go To Page" and display the file name.

Please send me a message on the HP forums or email me at: [email protected] Thanks!

Download HERE: