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New HP Prime Paperback and eBook Guide
« on: August 21, 2017, 03:18:02 pm »
Just released our new Paperback of HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals to go with our kindle eBook version. Use the Paperback and eBook Guide with your HP Prime Free app, Pro app, Virtual Software, or Calculator.  Learn how high school, college, and non-traditional college students regardless of their skill level can take advantage of the HP Prime Free app, Pro app, Virtual Software, and Calculator to more readily learn math.

Its goal is to help everyone get and have confidence in their ability to do math. The HP Prime lets everyone take advantage of technology as a tool to readily learn math. If you are just learning algebra or needing a quick review the HP Prime Guide can help.

The Guide starts with using the built-in HP Prime tools that help with elementary algebra and ends by showing you how you can write libraries of functions and application libraries to help with the algebra of calculus. Go to the publisher product page to download all the functions and application libraries.

Use your newly acquired HP Prime proficiency in all future high school, college, or job needs.

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