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Mozart & Stravinsky - short film scored by Not a Number
« on: December 07, 2012, 04:26:46 pm »
Title:Mozart & Stravinsky (part 1)

Another film where I provided the soundtrack as part of my studies? Looks like it. Of course this time, this was for university instead of college, so I had to up my game a little. This time, I had a much clearer idea on what to do and how to put my ideas down.

The film itself, Mozart & Stravinsky, is a 15-minute short drama about two spies. I have only scored the first half of the film, primarily because I chose to work on my own instead of in a group (everyone else in my class had paired up and to be honest, working on my own didn't bother me - I had a set idea of what to do and no-one else seemed to choose this film, opting for other ones). Perhaps if the gods of time are kind to me, I may do the rest of this film. Of course, that's what I said about my last one last year, so only time will tell :P

However, unlike with what I did last year when I rescored Andrew Kepple's "Spy and Pyro"1, this one I have not uploaded onto YouTube. Last time, I got permission from the original animator; This time, since I have no contact info (we were just given the video file, some audio from the film and let loose), I have instead uploaded the video and audio seperately onto Mediafire. To avoid any issues with copyright, I do not claim ownership of the video, just the musical and effects score (sure, I had to clean up the dialogue in places, and add some background atmosphere - it may sound like one scene takes place in front of a road with traffic, but trust me: The traffic sound is from New York City (at least that's what it says in the sound file's description when I took it from the University's Sound Library), and the film was shot in this corner of the UK. If you watch any TV drama or film and there's a scene that has city traffic or forest atmosphere in the background, it's most likely that that background ambience wasn't part of the original audio; it was added by people in a sound theatre. Don't believe everything you hear (even the speech, sometimes that gets rerecorded and dubbed over - one of the many lessons I've been taught for this course so far). :P

So, enough waffling; how do you get to watch and listen?

First download these files:
Video (no audio) -
Audio (contains everything) -

Import both of these files into your video editor of choice, and have them both start at 0:00:00;00. Don't worry about the "SPLICE HERE" frames at the beginning; I can assure you; both files are in sync with each other (the best way to tell if the beeps occur when the countdown is at "3" and "2"). If possible, you should also set the video editor to 25 frames per second (since that's the standard over here in the UK; I know NTSC regions work in 24), it might help if if goes out of sync.

The video file download has the full 15 minute video, however only the audio for the first 6-and-a-half minutes is present (like I said, I only did the first half; maybe one day I'll get the second half done).

Anyway, there's so much more that I could talk about with regards to this video, but I've written a whole essay on this already (here and as part of this assignment :P)
Enjoy. :)

1Search "spy and pyro" on YouTube; it's the second result.