Author Topic: TiEmu, AMS, TiLP and ZCALCVER updates  (Read 2805 times)

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TiEmu, AMS, TiLP and ZCALCVER updates
« on: August 09, 2005, 07:19:00 am »
The new TI-68k emulator has been updated to v.2.00 rc8. This new version fixes some bugs found in previous versions. You can download it in the archives.

Talking about 68k calcs, the AMS for the Ti-89t and v200 has been updated to 3.10. This operating system (OS) optimizes battery performance for use with the TI-89 Titanium Presentation Link™ adapter. Language Localizers are now optimized with v3.10. You can download it on Texas Instrument website.

Romain Liévin also released an alpha release of TiLP II, the successor to his linking software, TiLP. It's a complete rewrite of the Tilp framework and still have the same features plus a better GUI and will have better 84+ and 89t support (USB cable). Unfortunately, like TiEmu to run this software you need the GTK runtime (version 2.6) installed on the computer. You can download the alpha release here or here (if you have Linux).

This is old news but Andree Chea has updated ZCALCVER a while ago on, it's a program that detected if your calc was a TI-83+ or a SE, now it also detect if it's a 84+ or a 84+SE. This could be useful if you have a game where you have 84+ only features which needs to be disabled to run on the 83+ and 83+SE. You can download the new version in the TI programming tools section.
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